AC Smart Call Center Software

Take advantage of the bleeding-edge technologies & AI capabilities in your Call Center Solution!

AC Smart Call Center Software is an ideal call center solution for all businesses. It is built by incorporating AI capabilities and bleeding-edge technologies to give the most advanced, feature-rich, scalable, secure, and personalized call centre software.

AC Smart Call Center Software: All-in-One Turnkey Contact Center Solution

It is more than a call center software. It is a smart call center software!

All features available in the traditional or the modern call centre solutions are available in this call center software. It is perfect to run inbound, outbound, and hybrid campaigns. It aims to help businesses, specifically call centers, maximize their ROI by making better use of resources within minimum time.

Omnichannel Call Center Solution Give a Competitive Edge

It is an all-in-one call center solution which lets its user businesses get an advantage of unified communication. The businesses thrive to increase customer satisfaction and sales reach. This is made possible by AC Smart Call Center Software with its omnichannel communication nature:

  • Voice calling
  • Internal live chat
  • Outbound live chat
  • Intercom
  • Video calling
  • Screen share
  • SMS
  • Fax
  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Personalized Responses for Better Results

Get the insight of customers or prospects from its complete information available in the call center solution to give personalized responses. Make your customers feel valued and prospects feel special. Today’s business success is defined by emotional connect and stronger business relationships. The smart call center solution lets your agents know everything about the customer or prospect on the phone to give more personalized services to increase customer satisfaction and sales.

Monitor and Improve

Improvement is the key to growth. Monitor the performance of agents in real-time with live dashboards and reports. You can also use insightful reports from the report section to see how things could be enhanced even further. What about finding a specific “Negative Word” that should not be used in the conversation from all call recordings? Yes, you can make a “Word Spotting” search to see if any negative word is used by any agent in any conversation with our smart algorithms built for you.

Smart Features

It has all features you ever imagined to have in you’re the best call center software. Along with the standard features, it has many other value-added features.

  • Remote Agent(to support work from home model)
  • Webphone
  • Customer Location
  • Lead Number Encryption
  • Advanced Security
  • Custom Voice logging
  • Word Spotting in Voice Recording
  • Text to Speech
  • Agent Screen Capture
  • Broadcasting (Voice and SMS)
  • Soundboard Avatars
  • Disposition Bucket
  • Survey and Feedback
  • Hotkeys
  • Plug & Play APIs
  • Graphical Reports

AC Smart Call Center Software: An Ideal Solution for All

Customer Care

Whether you run an e-commerce customer care department, a technical support center, or any other centre related to customer care and client support, this software can help you improve customer happiness.

Handle VIP Customers on Priority

Each business has some very important customers and they should not be kept waiting in any case. Our artificial intelligence based features made this software smarter to know who must be in the front seat to get served. Cater to the premium customers at priority to keep them happy.

First Call Resolution

Saved time + Saved efforts + Diminished waiting for the resolution = Happy Customer

Resolving customer concerns in the first call itself can increase their satisfaction. Omnichannel communication for unified customer support and detailed customer information can help you increase FCR (First Call Resolution).

Personalized Customer Service

Communicate with the customers on their preferred communication channel. Do not let them waiting or on hold, keep them updates via WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, email, or SMS to let them know their issues are getting handled. Schedule an automated callback to update customers. Finally, get all the information of the customer to give personalized responses to feel attentive. Build a better customer relationship by connecting him with a dedicated professional who always takes care of the customer.


Amplify your marketing campaigns and improve the outcomes by making smart moves. This smart call center solution offers never-seen-before features to businesses that use call centre software for marketing and advertising for lead generation.

Omnichannel Marketing

Telemarketing is still effective, but not with all types of prospects. Some hate telesales people and prone to hang-up. Use all or preferred communication channels available to reach a prospect to increase the chances of grabbing attention and making conversation in your favour.

Strategic Marketing

Use insightful information about the customers, their preferences, their behaviour, and other details to define a marketing strategy that really works. Choose the right group of prospective clients; reach them via the right channel and have a highly personalized conversation with them to directly convert the lead and generate sales.

Engage Prospects

A highly personalized communication with a prospect than a robotic script can help you indulge customers in a conversation. Reaching him at the right time and via the right channel would increase the engagement even further which increases the chances of increasing his interest.

Lead Conversion/Sales

Whether you are selling something or all you want is increasing collections for your collection company, this smart call center solution is the best fit for you.

Maximize Resource Utilization

AC Smart Call Center Dialer will help you maximize the efficiency and productivity of the available resources to reach more leads in less time. Increased productivity and resource utilization help in reaching all the leads multiple times to increase sales.

Impress Your Leads

Connect the prospect with the agent that is the most skilled to handle him. The agent with the best skills and complete details of the customer available in the call center dialer gives everything to impress customers and convert him into the customer.

Stay in Touch

Timely follow-ups and collecting feedback via to-the-point surveys can help you convert a lead into a customer. Furthermore, up-selling and cross-selling campaigns can be run by using insight of the customer to increase sales.

This New Generation Smart Call Center Software Can Get You Going and Elevate Your Success and Growth.