AC Virtual Call Center Software

Maximize Benefits by connecting dispersed talents and alleviating expenses!

AC Virtual Call Center Software is an ideal call center solution for businesses that want to run a call center or similar operations without setting up a formal in-house call center setup. Let your agents work from home from any nook and corner to contribute to the success of your business. It is a secure, scalable, and reliable software that allows remote call centers to work and grow with ease.

Business Continuity

Regardless of any natural or human-made disaster or pandemic, enjoy business continuity by using a virtual call center solution.

Better Talent Recruiting

Hire world-class agents and managers to run your call center by removing all geographic and related boundaries.

Round-the-clock Services

Provide 24X7 support services to your customers by hiring local call center teams in different countries you serve in.

Reduced Expenses

Reduced upfront cost of setting up an in-house call center or BPO and eliminate expenses on managing an in-house team.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Round the clock services by the people that understand customers well can help you better serve your customers and increase satisfaction level.

Increased ROI

Turn all forces work for you to increase revenues yet reduce expenses so you can enjoy handsome returns over investment.

AC Virtual Call Center Software Models to Operate Remote Call Center:

AC Virtual call center solution is available with different models to operate a remote call center, customer care center, BPO, KPO, and similar businesses in an ideal way. Based on multiple factors, businesses can choose the most suitable model to implement their virtual call center with remotely working agents and team members.

System Only

The virtual call center software will be deployed in a way that it can be accessed via a web browser of the agent. We will also integrate a webphone so the agents can easily handle the call volume. Agents can access all features of the call center solution on their system (Computer or laptop). He needs to have a stable internet connection and a system with a compatible web browser.

Phone Only

The virtual call center solution will be configured to route all the calls to the registered and enabled phone numbers of the agents. The agent will attend (inbound/outbound/blended) calls on his mobile (smartphone/traditional phone/landline).  He will not be able to access all features available in the call center software. He will have access to features available in the phone. He does not need to have a system or internet connection.

Phone + System

The virtual call center system will be configured in a way that agents can attend calls on their phone. As soon as he attends a call, the related information with all other features to effectively manage the call will be opened on the system in the agent panel. The agent can take advantage of all features of the call center solution on the screen yet attend calls on the phone. He can continue call center operations even with a moderate internet connection.

Why AC InfoSoft for Your Virtual Call Center Setup?

Set up Remote Call Center within Hours

We can set up the whole and fully functional virtual call center within 24 hours. Your call center or BPO can be functional within no time.

Get Free Consultation

We can help you choose the best model to set up your virtual call center which is ideal for your business and future goals.

Don’t Miss Existing Data

If you have an existing system, which can be traditional, or any other VoIP system such as traditional call center software, IP PBX, or similar system, fret not. We will migrate your existing system to the virtual call center without any data loss.

Get Ongoing Support

Virtual call center software installation is the start of our business relationship. We are renowned for our client-centric and ongoing support services.

Key Offerings

All standard call center features available as in the AC3 Solution

AC Virtual Call Center Software is an advanced and competitive call center solution. It is built with all simple to advanced features needed by a small, medium or large-scaled call center. It has all the features available in our AC3 (AC Call Center) solution.

Effective Workforce Management

AC Virtual Call Center Software offers a simplified yet efficient way to handle workforce dispersed in different geographies with real-time monitoring and intervention features.


We can integrate your existing or required systems with this call center solution so you can enjoy a complete and powerful solution for the best remote call center setup.

  • CRM
  • IP PBX
  • Webphone
  • IP PBX
  • Support ticket
  • Communication channels (SMS/Email/Fax/Chat)
  • Social Media (Facebook/WhatsApp/Twitter)
  • Web Forms
  • And more


You can empower your remote agents and manager by giving them more competitive features by integrating our add-ons. We have perpetual add-ons which can be added to maximize the functional capability of this virtual call center solution:

  • Soundboard Avatars
  • Disposition Bucket
  • Graphical Reports
  • Survey
  • Billing
  • Hotkeys
  • Plug & Play APIs
  • Custom recording and keyword spotting
  • Advanced security

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