Call Center WhatsApp Integration

Modernize Your Contact Center by Integrating WhatsApp with Call Center Software!

WhatsApp is one of the dominating communication tools used across the globe. According to the statistics, 2 billion people exchange messages on WhatsApp daily. The WhatsApp messages have a 70% open rate. The cost of WhatsApp communication is 45% lower compared to calls and emails and 25% lower than live web chat. More than 2 billion people over 180 countries use this communication tool. Thus, call center WhatsApp integration becomes inevitable for better customer service and elevated lead generation.

Call Center WhatsApp Integration

Open Source

We also provide this integration with open source call center solutions. VICIDial WhatsApp integration is one of the most popular services of ours. We have catered to 725+ customers with our VICIDial WhatsApp integration services.


We integrate WhatsApp with any proprietary call center software, which has the rights of API integration. We provide call center WhatsApp integration for all our offered call center solutions.

Key Characteristics:

WhatsApp within Call Center Dialer

Once call center WhatsApp integration is performed by our VoIP experts, agents can access the WhatsApp messenger within your call center dialer. It will be available as one of the inherent features of the call center software.

Single Number, Multiple Agents

No need to buy multiple numbers to enable WhatsApp for each agent. Regardless of the number of concurrent agents, only a single number will be sufficient. All agents can conversant with all customers/leads by using a single number.

Multiple Numbers, Single Dialer

Providing customer support to clients of your clients or generating leads for your customers can be made easy after call center WhatsApp integration. We can integrate multiple WhatsApp numbers to reach leads/clients via different numbers within a single dialer.

Multiple Customers, One Agent

Parallel chat, group chat, and group blast features are available after any proprietary or VICIDial WhatsApp integration. A single agent can communicate with more than one customer to work more productively by using a parallel chatting feature.

Key Features:

All Features of WhatsApp Web (Rich Media)

Once the WhatsApp is integrated with the call center software, it supports all features of the WhatsApp web as in:

  • Use of rich media (video, pictures, etc.) in the chat
  • Exchange files, documents, etc.
  • Exchange emoticons
  • View chat history
  • Start new chat
  • And more

Two-way Communication

WhatsApp integrated into the call center software lets your agents and customers take advantage of 2-way communication. They can chat in real-time. Without any conflicts as one customer can be handled by only one agent until that agent closes the chat.

WhatsApp Templates

Create and use templates for the most frequently used messages. Admin/Manager can create as many WhatsApp templates as they want to. Agents can use these WhatsApp templates during a live chat with a single click.

WhatsApp Reports

All WhatsApp chats aka conversation will be logged in the call center dialer. Admin can examine, analyze, and review the report dedicated to WhatsApp communication.

Key Benefits:

Augment customer satisfaction

Prompt responses with no investment by customers and that also on their preferred mode of communication would definitely augment customer satisfaction.

Increase leads

WhatsApp messages receive an open rate of 70%, which clearly increases your customer and prospect reach to convey marketing promotions and increase leads.

Take advantage of rich-media

Emotional marketing is leading the market. Add emotions by rightly using the emoticons and make the conversation richer by using rich media. Create a stronger bond with your customers and prospects.

Increase value for money

WhatsApp messaging is cheaper for customers as available at no cost. On the other hand, WhatsApp messaging gives more value over money for call centers compared to email, voice calls, and SMS.

Increase productivity

Agents handling multiple customers in parallel and use the templates to fast forward communication, plus, reduced time to handle a request visibly increase productivity.

Meet Market Demand

WhatsApp is used by billions of people daily and they prefer it for all, personal and business, conversations. By investing in call center WhatsApp integration, you will not only increase customer satisfaction, but also meet the market demand to surpass your competitors.

We offer seamless integration of WhatsApp into the call center solution. We also offer business WhatsApp APIs to integrate into the call center dialer. To get call center WhatsApp integration,