VoIP Services

A Whole Range of VoIP Services to Keep Your Communication and Collaboration Infrastructure Functional Round-the-clock

The well known fact of a business belongs to any industry vertical is, well connected communication and strong collaboration pave the way towards success. VoIP (Voice over IP) technologies brought radical changes in the way businesses communicate and collaborate. It eliminated on site hardware and added many business and cost benefits, which made it favorite of many companies.

We, AC InfoSoft, can assist you to implement a unified communication system for your organization to gain technological benefits by integrating this outstanding VoIP technology in your business environment. Our years of experience with different VoIP technologies made us surefooted to offer highly reliable VoIP services to the diversified horizon of industries, from a startup to a mid-sized company to a large-scaled MNC organization.

Our Key VoIP Services Are:

  • Custom Development of VoIP◦ System ◦ Software ◦ Application ◦ Module ◦ API (Application Programming Interface)
  • Customization in Existing VoIP Solution
  • Installation, Configuration and setup of different VoIP tools
  • Troubleshooting
  • Support
  • Consultancy

We provide flexible and sophisticated VoIP development services in different open source VoIP technologies. We can develop any small to big reliable and scalable VoIP solutions based on your custom requirements.

FreeSWITCH Development

FreeSWITCH is a scalable cross platform open source technology designed to provide a reliable communication platform. Our FreeSWITCH developers have expertise in utilizing the strength of FreeSWITCH and program powerful and diversified VoIP driven applications and solution for your business

Asterisk Development

Asterisk is a well known open source IP PBX system, which adds advanced features of communication in the organization. Our experienced Asterisk developers strive to deliver proprietary Asterisk solutions to empower your organization to leverage all benefits of the IP phone system and Asterisk.

WebRTC Development

WebRTC is an open source technology invented to support remote and real-time communication needs of the business. Our webRTC programmers specialize in developing web based VoIP solutions for simple yet effective audio, video and web communication with advanced features using WebRTC technology.

OpenSIPS Development

It is very easy to use

OpenSIPS is a multi-purpose SIP Proxy server, which comes with a broad range of functionalities and features to avail SIP capabilities at its best. Our team of OpenSIPS developers has expertise in utilizing the core components of this technology to offer a wide range of SIP based VoIP applications and solutions.

Kamailio Development

Kamailio is a SIP Server with an amazing capability of handling thousands of concurrent calls per second. Our Kamailio programmers are expert in building large scaled VoIP platforms using this powerful open source to scale up your communication and current VoIP infrastructure.

Along with the development, we offer consultancy, support and many other services in above mentioned VoIP technologies. Let us explain to you how we can help you take benefit of these advanced technologies which will strengthen the communication of your organization. 

Let's discuss why you should partner with us for your VoIP project.