Class 5 Softswitch Solution

Class 5 Softswitch Solution to Offer High Quality VoIP Services to SOHO (Small Office/ Home Office)

You can offer carrier grade VoIP services to your tenants using a class 5 softswitch. This VoIP softswitch enables you to serve the startups, SMBs and SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) clients with the simple to advanced VoIP related services. Our experienced VoIP developers are capable of developing simple single server class 5 softswitch to cluster solution which can handle thousands of concurrent sessions.

Key Utilities of Class 5 Softswitch

Using this VoIP softswitch, the VoIP service provider can offer a whole spectrum of services including,

  • Wholesale voice and SMS termination
  • Calling card (phone-to-phone)
  • Callshop
  • PBX Services
  • Business Telephony
  • And more

Key Benefits of Class 5 VoIP Softswitch Solution:

  • High Performance
  • Easy scalability
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Easy to operate system with web based admin panel
  • Reduced Operational Cost
  • And more

Key Features of Class 5 VoIP Softswitch Solution

  • Web-based admin panel
  • Auto provisioning
  • Custom Call Routing
  • Call Authentication
  • Call Forwarding
  • Forward on Busy
  • Unconditional Call Forwarding
  • Forward on No Answer
  • Caller ID
  • Speed Dial
  • Call Waiting
  • Music on Hold
  • Selective Call Acceptance/Rejection
  • Three-Way Conferencing
  • Call Groups
  • Interactive Voice Response System
  • Auto Attendant
  • Callback
  • Unified communication
  • Number portability
  • Voicemail
  • High-level Codec & Protocol Compatibility
  • Carrier Failover Support
  • Integrated Invoice and Billing
  • Different types of Reports
  • And many more

What We Offer?

  • White-label, Reliable, scalable class 5 softswitch software development with the custom features
  • Integration of additional security features in the class 5 softswitch
  • ¬†Class 5 softswitch solution deployment on server or cloud
  • Troubleshooting and support services for existing Class 5 softswitch VoIP environment

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