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A Call Center Solution for All – Contact Centers, Businesses, & Enterprises!

Call center solution is a manifest tool for all profit and non-profit organizations. From a call center to a hospital, tourism help desk, IT company, NGO, etc. all needs this tool to cater to the customer concerns and prospect queries. To meet the needs of all organizations and businesses, we have brought up distinct call center solutions.

Each of this software can be made available as a multichannel call center solution or an omnichannel call center solution.

We, AC InfoSoft, have call center solutions for all. Not a single tool can meet the needs of all businesses; therefore, we have come up with a complete range of call center solutions. Each business or organization can choose the one based on its needs and budget.

An ideal solution for call centers getting started, SMBs, and companies with fund restrictions! Take advantage of a feature-rich call center software available at affordable rates. It has all standard features and flexibility to add advanced functionalities in form of add-ons. Get started with as many or as few seats as you want.

Take advantage of going remote yet achieving high performance, productivity, and efficiency with this virtual call center software. You can set up a virtual call center, recruit the talent across the world, and let agents work from home in any circumstances like low bandwidth, no access to the computer, etc. Shift business remote & increase profit.

Get a competitive edge and accelerate growth by using this smart call center solution. It has amalgamated the power of artificial intelligence, advanced call center software features, smart functionalities, and omnichannel communication. It is the most advanced contact center solution worldwide, which can give assured a competitive edge.

AC Collection Call Center Solution

Increase efficiency and save time with this software specifically designed and developed for collection agencies and companies. No more need to waste manual resources to filter leads or paying extra to add collection related fields in your call center dialer. All logic, forms, fields, and other required features are added in this collection call center solution to simplify collection operations.

Access to the most advanced or standard call center software at minimum investment is made available by our hosted call center solution. Also known as rented call center software lets you use a cloud call center solution without paying hefty for license and investing in hosting and maintenance. Hassle-free experience and complete focus on business can be achieved with this software.

All open-source fans are catered by our VoIP experts. Take advantage of this open source call center solution with flawless setup, deployment, and configurations performed by our VICIDial experts. Add competitive features and multichannel communication with our VICIDial customization services and ready to use modules.

Key Features

These standard key features are available in all call center solutions offered by AC InfoSoft along with distinct features available with the respective software.

  • Dashboard
  • Live statistics
  • SIP & PRI support
  • Call queues
  • Auto dialers
  • Automated call distribution (ACD)
  • Call mute and un-mute
  • Call hold and retrieve
  • Call transfer
  • Call parking
  • Music on Hold (MoH)
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Call scriptVoicemail
  • Barge-in
  • Whisper
  • 3-way conferencing
  • Call Recording and Playback
  • Web based Agent panel
  • Web based Supervisor panel
  • Web based Admin panel
  • Call logs and Reports
  • And many more

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