Major Call Center KPIs Essentially Need to be Measured


As per the successful entrepreneur, Sam Walton, “A business aims to have client assistance that is outstanding and legendary.” Unquestionably, great customer relationship development is similar to setting a base for growing your business brand and expanding your business. This asks for a requirement to assess the performance of the call center to ensure that the satisfaction of customers is contacted and productivity is improved.   

In this blog, you will learn about certain KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) essential to monitoring success for any business.    

1. Client Delight

If you provide satisfactory answers to customers’ questions within a precise time, then it will make sure that your customers stick to your business brand. This is a vital key performance indicator (KPI), which can be obtained from various appropriate references. The call centers can run a campaign for customer surveys to learn if the customers are happy with the offerings and services delivered by you. 

2. Service Level: 

The service level is the percentage of calls responded to in a particular time limit. It assesses the skills of agents to deliver the service as per the Service Level Agreement (SLA) given to the clients. 

The service level key performance indicator has to be compatible and not swinging as the latter implies that there has to be an array of problems required to be solved. It is a significant way to judge the performance of a call center.

3. Average Call Handle Time:

This KPI measures the time an agent needs on a call with a specific client before disengaging and giving them entire happiness. This KPI is frequently examined to assess the time an agent needs to resolve the query of the client effectively.  

4. Average Queue Time

To ensure that the wait time of callers rests in the fair scope and the patience of customers should not be tested, it is vital to monitor average call queue time. It is determined by the cumulative time callers remain in the call queue divided by the total answered calls by the agents. This metric is applied to assess if your clients get satisfactory assistance.  

5. Call Abandonment: 

It is a usual experience in the call center that clients disconnect the calls before even connecting to an agent. Here is the formula to calculate the call abandonment ratio:

Abandonment rate = [Total Calls offered – Total Calls handled] / [Total Calls offered] * 100.  

6. First Call Resolution (FCR): 

The client is frequently in a rush. Thus, he requires that the concern of the caller must be fixed in the first call without any requirement to raise the call again, transfer that call to the manager, or request a callback. It has been noted that FCR (First Call Resolution) is a very critical KPI to evaluate the delight of clients. How many calls get resolved within the first attempts is called the first call resolution. Unquestionably, it has to be evaluated as a priority.  

7. Occupancy Rate:

It is completely about the ability to complete the work within a minimum time. The managers of call centers constantly keep an eye on the occupancy rate to ensure that the customer receives the expected services within the minimum time and further the agent is not overloaded with work.

8. Agent Turnover Rate: 

This is an essential KPI that each manager needs to keep in mind. It measures the rate of agents who switch the job. It not only causes customer service conflicts and delays as well as it also creates many issues. Thus, it has to be measured.

Many KPIs can be measured by using a call center solution. It is necessary to measure KPIs and take the required steps to improve them.

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