Hiring a Remote VoIP Support Engineer
VoIP solutions are used by various businesses and individuals. With passing time, the use of VoIP solutions has increased tremendously. This has given an open area for entrepreneurs to launch a business and lead the same to make it a successful revenue-generating venture. To run a VoIP business, one needs to get a VoIP solution...
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call center challenges & resolutions
Customer service is not an easy job. Demand, priorities, and expectations keep on evolving in this segment of the business. Of course, technology also evolves altogether to support the required expectation of customers to deliver the delighting customer experience. Still, these evolutions bring in different challenges in the call center such as: Performing more with...
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Free Mobile SIP dialers Advantages and Disadvantages
Several businesses prefer mobile SIP dialers instead of traditional telecommunication solutions to foster scalability and ongoing communication at affordable rates. As it is a mobile app, it can be easily available for use. Since it is a mobile application that can be simply downloaded, it is an effortlessly available communication channel nowadays. Businesses now certainly...
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Call center software augments productivity
The key element of any call center is customer satisfaction, no matter which industry horizon the call center is serving to. To satisfy this core requirement, a call center needs a highly reliable and resourceful team, which can perform at their front-foot to keep user satisfaction at the top level. A good team also needs...
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Asterisk vs. FreeSWITCH
In the VoIP world, the two most popular VoIP solution development platforms are Asterisk and FreeSWITCH. Both are powerful to develop any complex communication and collaboration platform. There are thousands of applications out there that remove the complexity of communication and strengthen businesses with the supremacy of unified communication tools. These applications are developed on...
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With an increasing shift in the telecom industry and growing business communication needs, VoIP solutions are in heavy demand. There are many companies that have started using one or more VoIP software. On the other hand, many serial entrepreneurs have embarked their venture in this rapidly growing industry. To start a business or to use...
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