Free Mobile SIP dialers Advantages and Disadvantages

Free Mobile SIP dialers Advantages and Disadvantages

Several businesses prefer mobile SIP dialers instead of traditional telecommunication solutions to foster scalability and ongoing communication at affordable rates. As it is a mobile app, it can be easily available for use. Since it is a mobile application that can be simply downloaded, it is an effortlessly available communication channel nowadays.

Businesses now certainly depend on technology-driven, quick, reliable, compatible, secure, flexible, and personalized solutions for their clients. Moreover, even clients likewise need solutions that are dependable and profoundly customizable. Mobile SIP dialer holds all these characteristics that every business can use it to boost communication and collaboration. 

Using it is quite simple:

  • Download
  • Install
  • Configure and 
  • Start using

It is more tactful to use a more agile and cost-effective onboarding method instead of an old-fashioned setup of the landline phone.

There are various options for mobile SIP dialers available in the marketing. More specifically, you have two choices:

  1. Free SIP Softphone
  2. White label mobile SIP dialer

Usually, businesses prefer free SIP Softphone because of the obvious reason it is absolutely free.

Yes, you are able to utilize the free mobile SIP dialer with your free IP PBX or call center software. Nevertheless, when it is about managing, maintaining, and supporting multiple executives’ use of free mobile SIP dialers. It is nearly unmanageable to ensure the use of their individual mobile SIP dialers is accurate. In summation, there are both dark and bright sides to using a free SIP Softphone. 

Let’s share more details on the benefits and drawbacks of using a mobile SIP dialer in your company.

Benefits of Free Mobile SIP Dialer for Business:

1. Infrastructure Required

Usually, you get the mobile SIP dialer for all different devices and platforms. You can also get a PC dialer for a computer or laptop if you want to use a dialer on the system instead of a smartphone. To use a SIP dialer, you need standard memory and disk space, which make it easy to adapt and employ.

2. Installation & Configuration

To use a free SIP Softphone, all you need to do is download the app, configure it, and start using it. You will need the following information:

  • Username & password
  • SIP account info
  • Firewall traversal, and 
  • Other network info

3. Quality of Media

The quality of audio and video is high-grade with free SIP Softphone. It offers several choices like echo reduction, cancellation of background noise, etc. You can customize the size of the video as per the availability of bandwidth. Additionally, you can further adjust the video resolution.

4. Chat

Instant messaging is one of the best modes of communication available in the mobile SIP dialer. Users can use group messaging or one-to-one chat messaging.  

5. Advanced Communication Features

A mobile SIP dialer offers an amazing range of features to provide a powerful and high-quality tool for professionals. Some of the available features are:

  • Crystal clear audio calls
  • Phonebook integration
  • Call transfer
  • Last call redial
  • Call recording
  • And more

These major advantages of using a free mobile SIP dialer must be very enticing and you must be thinking that using it is the best. 

Why invest in a white-label mobile SIP dialer when a free Softphone offers these many features? 

Hold on. 

You must explore the top cons of a free SIP dialer phone.

Disadvantages of Free Mobile SIP Dialer for Business:

1. Hassle-free Installation and Setup

As mentioned earlier, to get your business started, you need to install and configure the mobile SIP dialer and for that, you need login credentials aka user account, SIP account information, etc. When you use a paid SIP dialer, your provider will provide all this information to let you and all employees get started seamlessly. 

2. All Features Might Not Be Available with Free Version

A free mobile SIP dialer does not provide all the features it provides to a paid user for obvious reasons. Thus, you are more likely to get access to the basic features while all advanced features might not be available to you. 

3. No Customization or Support Service Available

It is likely that you need more features than usual or you prefer to use your branding elements in the SIP Softphone. For all these and any other type of customization and personalization, you need a paid version of the SIP dialer app. Furthermore, if you need any kind of technical support, it is less likely that you get it from the provider if you are using a free version. The white-label mobile SIP dialer offers all types of customization and support services to its customers. 

4. All SIP Softphone Might Not Be Legal to Use in Your Country

Mobile SIP dialer uses SIP calling protocols to let professionals communicate and collaborate. However, different countries have different rules and regulations for telecommunication usage. Thus, free Softphone might not follow the telecommunication regulations of your company. On the other hand, when you buy a white label mobile SIP dialer or even a white label PC dialer, the provider will take care of meeting the set regulations of your country before delivering the final product.


Both choices have their advantages and disadvantages, which are the causes decision-makers usually get stuck. However, this article must have spilled the beans so you can make the right choice. 

To Get a White-label Mobile SIP Dialer

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