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Laravel Development: Pros, Cons, and More
Laravel is one of the most prominent PHP web frameworks following the MVC (Model-View-Controller) design. Made by Taylor Otwell, the framework is free and open-source, henceforth expected to enable you to turn out with excellent items. The codes will be decreased, however, it will likewise be according to industry gauges so you can spare many...
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Magento Complete Guide: History, Facts, Strengths & More
Magento is the most popular e-commerce development platform in the world. You must want to know why Magento is so popular. Here is a complete guide on Magento. Magento Overview It’s an open-source framework used for online store development in the e-commerce industry. It gives traders comprehensive versatility to build an engaging store that supports...
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mobile-web-vs-mobile-app - AC InfoSoft
In today’s world, it is quite evident that the number of users of smartphones and mobile apps has surpassed the number of desktop and website users. This rapid surge in mobile growth can be attributed to the increased popularity of smartphones. Considering this paradigm shift, businesses and enterprises are reflecting and reassessing their strategies. For...
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yii development pros
Among a number of PHP 5 frameworks, YII has always been very special and acceptable among the developers. It is a very efficient, modular and high-performance framework. It comes with a bunch of diversified features that make it the best for the development of various business applications and web development. Efficiently active, high performance, malleable,...
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