Among a number of PHP 5 frameworks, YII has always been very special and acceptable among the developers. It is a very efficient, modular and high-performance framework. It comes with a bunch of diversified features that make it the best for the development of various business applications and web development.

Efficiently active, high performance, malleable, extensible and modular, YII framework is a PHP 5 based open source framework that is free and ideal for especially developing the web 2.0 applications. Embodied with some rich features such as caching, authentication, scaffolding, role-based access control, testing, etc.; it significantly reduces the development time.

It has been a favorite among developers for many years now. So what makes it so special and robust? Nothing but these following few features! Let’s have a look:

DAO (Database Access Objects):

This versatile PHP framework offers a basic API to access the stored data in different DBMS (Database Management Systems). Using the YII development services, website designing companies need not take the stress of writing the recurring SQL issues which provide the design information source in terms of the objects.

Simple form generation and validation:

For the development of a business website, forms are very necessary because they let the business collect significant data and use it as and when required. In addition, the forms also help exercising a certain kind of control on the basis of valid information given in the forms. And YII is the right platform that has made it very easy for the developers to generate and validate these forms.

AJAX enabled widgets:

Its designs are capable and ready to create efficient customer connections as it is equipped with a rich set of AJAX-enabled widgets.

Automatically generated codes:

YII framework helps the developers to ease up the tedious and the clumsy work of rewriting the codes by providing a variety of tools. Such tools help you with generating the codes whenever needed.

Authentication and authorization:

This framework comes with built-in support for authentication. Its authorization through hierarchical RBAC (Role-Based Access Control) support feature which makes website development simple, easy and efficient.

Excellent security:

This PHP framework is security wise very strong. It consists of various protection elements such as SQL hypodermic injection, XSS and more. Its stringent security algorithms, which help you to get rid of the virus ridden codes on the web, intended to threaten the application’s normal routine.

Widespread library:

YII framework has a wide spread library which contains a number of user contributed components.

Diversified caching components:

It also comes with a diversified range of caching components for diverse situations that reduce the website’s page load time to a great extent. As a result, the speed and overall performance of the website also enhances.

Error handling:

YII framework features some comprehensive error handling and correction tools by which even the toughest errors can be handled more nicely along with the proper categorization of all the log messages. For example, during an app execution, if a PHP warning/error occurs, then the efficient error handlers will commence and manage the necessary error handling procedure.

Collecting feedback and validation:

YII framework offers you some simple ways to collect the feedback and to confirm the customer details. In order to collect the correct feedback, you can also find several icons and validators.

All these features together make the YII framework very reliable and considerable for the development of business applications. By hiring a versatile YII development company, you can bring your business to great success.

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