January 2020
Asterisk vs. FreeSWITCH
In the VoIP world, the two most popular VoIP solution development platforms are Asterisk and FreeSWITCH. Both are powerful to develop any complex communication and collaboration platform. There are thousands of applications out there that remove the complexity of communication and strengthen businesses with the supremacy of unified communication tools. These applications are developed on...
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With an increasing shift in the telecom industry and growing business communication needs, VoIP solutions are in heavy demand. There are many companies that have started using one or more VoIP software. On the other hand, many serial entrepreneurs have embarked their venture in this rapidly growing industry. To start a business or to use...
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Mobile app development benefits
Mobile app development is changing the world. Everyone thinks mobile app benefits users. However, the fact is it also benefits businesses and developers Smartphones have taken over the entire world by storm. People carry out their day-to-day tasks on smartphones. Some of them include banking, paying utility bills, shopping, booking tickets, watching movies, listening to...
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