Mobile App Development: Is It Really Profitable for Developers And Businesses?

Mobile app development benefits

Mobile app development is changing the world. Everyone thinks mobile app benefits users. However, the fact is it also benefits businesses and developers

Smartphones have taken over the entire world by storm. People carry out their day-to-day tasks on smartphones. Some of them include banking, paying utility bills, shopping, booking tickets, watching movies, listening to music, ordering food, etc. There are mobile applications available for anything and everything under the sun. There are nearly 2.5 million apps in Play Store and roughly 1.8 million apps on the App store. Despite such high numbers, one would be surprised to know that according to Statista, 25 percent of the mobile app downloaded by users globally were only used once after download in six months. 

Considering the intense and cut-throat competition in today’s market, one would ponder about the questions that do mobile app development companies and developers offering the best mobile app development services really make money in app development? Are businesses and enterprises earning a high ROI? Well, the answer to these questions is yes, developers and mobile app companies offering the best mobile app development services do make profits from app development provided they have the appropriate technical know-how.

Let us take a look at how businesses and enterprises are making money from mobile app development:

1) Identifying the correct niche

Before beginning with app development, businesses and developers offering the best mobile app development services should sit down and identify their niche. Finding the correct niche is not a difficult task. The main challenge for any business and mobile app development company is to judge whether the selected niche is going to be worth the time, money and efforts spent on app development. Whether it is Android or iOS, a mobile app development company needs to analyze the market and put the interests and expectations of the users first. Choosing a profitable niche is extremely important and the preliminary step towards building a profit-making app.

2) App sales

Once the developer completes the app development, the app is launched on various mobile app stores. Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store are the most popular ones across the globe. Whenever people buy an app, the mobile app store charges a certain amount as a fee, while businesses get the remaining amount. Companies and enterprises prefer to launch a free app since most users go for the free app in comparison to paid ones. However, businesses and enterprises can provide the premium version for a free app to users who have adapted to the app and wish to unlock new features by purchasing the premium version.

3) Advertisements and endorsements

Whenever we use any mobile app for watching videos or playing games, we often tend to get frustrated by the in-app advertisements. However, for any mobile app that is free to the users, advertisements are the main source of income for developers offering the best mobile app development services. This income is directly proportional to the traffic and the number of downloads. Hence, advertisements and endorsements are an important way for mobile app developers to monetize the app.

4) In-app purchases

As the name suggests, it refers to the buying of products and services from inside a mobile app. In-app purchases enable developers offering the best mobile app development services to give their basic app for free. However, if users want to unlock some additional features or subscribe to some service, they need to pay extra. For example, when using a resume creator app, a few basic templates would be available for free. However, if you want to buy the one which is different from the rest, you would be required to purchase it by paying a nominal amount. This is the way money is made from in-app purchases.

5) Having the right set of features

It is important on part of the developers providing the best mobile app development services to not load the apps with too many unnecessary features. Having an adequate number of features that are most commonly used is essential. Overloading the app with too many features will reduce the speed of the app and occupy the phone memory. In order to achieve maximum hits on the mobile app store, mobile apps should provide users with the option of creating customized menus and features as per their requirement, thus eliminating all other unwanted features.

According to Statista, in 2023, mobile applications across the globe are projected to generate a revenue of 935 billion USD via. paid downloads and in-app advertisements and endorsements. Considering this prediction, the profitability of mobile apps is growing at a fast pace and will continue to do so in the future. Having some smart strategies in place is essential for developers offering the best mobile app development services and businesses to get a high ROI on their investment.

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