Hire Remote Resources

Hire Remote Resources to Focus on Your Growth Model

Growth of any company is paramount for any business. Moreover, technical knowledge and marketing strategy is not easily available everywhere. Here, we can assist you with our expertise and 360-degree approach. We offer remote resource hiring services. According to this service, you can hire a dedicate resource or a team of resources, who will ensure to offer you the best in class services. We will take care of all your technical and digital marketing needs so you can focus on the bull-eye of your business.

We have a team of highly skilled and experienced developers, support engineers, content writers, and digital marketers. Our team makes sure to keep themselves updated with the latest trends, technologies, modules, tools, and platform to offer you highly concentrated services.

You can hire the following resources from us:

  • VoIP Developer
  • VoIP Support Engineer
  • Web Developer
  • Web Support Engineer
  • Mobile App Developer
  • Digital Marketing executive
  • Content Writer
  • SEO Expert
  • SMM Expert

Our Resource Hiring Models:

You can hire Indian resources from our company, AC InfoSoft, with flexible models. We work on three different hiring models.

Full/Part Time Resource

You can hire a developer, digital marketer, and content writer, support engineer for full or part time. The resource or the team you hired will dedicatedly work for you. This type of hiring model is best suited for long term ongoing projects.

Hourly Resource Hiring

You can hire a resource or the whole team to work on your project on an hourly basis. You need to pay only for the hours billed for your work. This type of remote resource hiring model is best suited for short term projects or projects where requirements are inconstant.

Why Hire Resource from us?

The Indian developers, marketers, content writers and other resources are one of the well appreciated resources on the global market. You can hire dedicated resources from India by collaborating with us for your development, marketing, content writing, and support related requirements. The key reasons to hire remote resources from us are:

  • Expert, experienced, and affable executives
  • Flexible hiring models
  • On-time delivery
  • Quick start
  • 360-degree services
  • Professional services
  • Total control and ownership of code and project
  • Easy, seamless and quick communication with a hired team
  • Guaranteed security of all your information

By hiring remote resources from India, you can save time, efforts and many other resources of your company as all technicalities will be handled by us.

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