Reasons Call Center Must Integrate Social Media as a Communication Channel

It is difficult to refuse the importance of social media in the existing market synopsis. Even if, it is yet acknowledged as principally a business to customer communication and marketing course, social media can further be efficiently utilized to develop an effective strategy for a business and an unparalleled tool for exceptional customer service if rightly practiced.

Many studies show numerous consumers favor social media platforms for communication than calling to a contact center. Thus, call centers inclined to integrate major social media platforms as a communication channel in the call center solution to cater to customers and deliver exceptional customer experience. The foremost purpose of integrating social media communication channels to call center software is to bring preferred and personalized customer experience.

If you are still wondering whether to invest in call center social media integration or not, let us share the top reasons to do so:

Social Media Is Demand of Time

We have witnessed circumstances in which social media has been in a crucial position on enchanting the consumer and supporting businesses to become a favorite brand by using social media as a communication channel. Consumers nowadays are quite irritable and quickly drop tolerance. Businesses have to put added efforts such as gaining prospects’ attention, pleasing a customer, and retaining them are difficult yet essential.

Moreover, consumers are frequently approaching social networking sites to ask for swift resolution for their grievances and questions. Often, call centers and customer support centers are inadequate to maintain velocity with the growing expectations of customers in terms of customer service and thus, lose business.

Call center social media integration gives several advantages such as:

  • Enhanced customer service
  • Intensified accuracy
  • Boosted productivity and 
  • Growing KPIs 

 Increased Productivity

Social media integration with call center software increases the performance and productivity of the agents. There will be further satisfied clients which autonomously add to greater agent confidence. It moreover advances methods of work more effortless as all effective communication channels are well-organized within a single platform.

Seamless Customer Experience

Call center social media integration provides a single-window of call center software solution. You can access features of the call center solution as well as of social media pages and profiles. This lets you provide a seamless experience to customers. As per the latest trends, consumers utilize various ways to attempt to get quick and accurate resolutions to their queries. When a call center uses a call center solution with integrated social media pages and profiles of the business, they can also get social mentions and learn about the issues raised by customers on social media. This puts call centers in a more suitable position to conquer the frustration of customers.

Improved Contact Center Metrics

By default, social media communications are not united with call center software interactions. Thus, it gets impossible to gauge any sort of uniformity in communication quality and employee performance. The integration of social media channels into a call center software will help your company in logging and monitoring these interactions made on social media. Thus, you will be able to compare agent performance on other communication channels in comparison with social media. Moreover, you can gauge the effectiveness of customer service over different communication channels, including, but not limited to social media platforms.


Consumers demand constant and smooth customer care service and excellent customer experience each time they contact a call center regardless of the communication channel they use. Businesses necessitate mapping out the customer needs with the technological tools to precisely alleviate the jeopardy of succumbing business and reduce the likelihood of a negative brand reputation.

Each touchpoint on social media platforms that are used by call centers must present the importance and significance of the customers. It must express appropriately that the business values the customer and, thus, it is hyperactive on all ways to deliver the best customer experience. 

Companies must realize that social media platforms are the tomorrow of client support. Integrating social media along with other communication channels in the call center software will aid in establishing a positive digital image of the business that will eventually reflect in the business profits.

To achieve all this, you need to use a call center software solution that supports unified communication channels, including, social media channels. We, at AC InfoSoft, have multiple call center solutions to meet the needs of diversified business models. Each support unified communication and provides seamless integration with your social media profiles and pages, so you can use social media channel in communication.

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