Hiring a Remote VoIP Support Engineer

Hiring a Remote VoIP Support Engineer

VoIP solutions are used by various businesses and individuals. With passing time, the use of VoIP solutions has increased tremendously. This has given an open area for entrepreneurs to launch a business and lead the same to make it a successful revenue-generating venture.

To run a VoIP business, one needs to get a VoIP solution in the first place. For example, to provide hosted call center services, one needs to get one of the best call center solutions. Many VoIP development companies would claim that once you buy a VoIP solution to run your business, you are sorted, but you need to check the facts:

A VoIP solution is a software, which does not need huge manpower to manage and maintain it. However, you need VoIP support engineers for the following reason:

  • To add or remove customer accounts
  • To upgrade plan and offered services for customers as the package changes
  • To onboard new customer
  • To provide a product walkthrough and technical training
  • To provide technical support to an existing customer
  • To take timely backup
  • To ensure the software is working properly
  • To maintain the right failover and hybrid architecture

If you want to generate revenues by retaining existing customers and by onboarding new customers, you need to provide excellent services to your customers. For this, you need support engineers.

You can either hire in-house VoIP engineers or you can hire a remote support engineer and keep adding more support engineers as and when needed.

In this blog post, I will share more details about hiring a remote VoIP engineer and facts related to it.

What is a remote VoIP support engineer?

A VoIP engineer who offers technical support to you and/ or your customers is called a VoIP support engineer.

Unlike in-house resources, your remote engineer would work remotely from the premises of your VoIP service provider. The remote support engineer can be a team member of your VoIP software provider company or he can be working at another firm. There is one more option of hiring a freelancer from sites like Upwork, People for Hire, Freelancer, etc. However, we recommend you to hire a VoIP support engineer from a company.

In the next section of this blog, you will learn the reason and benefits related to hiring a remote support engineer to help you run your VoIP business and why to hire an engineer from a company.

What are the benefits of hiring a remote support engineer?

1. Expertise in different VoIP solutions

Taking the pain of handling a VoIP business is not only to generate revenues, but also for increasing revenues rapidly. By offering a single solution, you might get stuck at a point as there is a limited market for each type of VoIP service; or any other service. To generate more revenues, you will need to add more services by adopting more VoIP solutions.

For example, if you are using a call center solution to provide hosted call center software, you can cater to call centers and other businesses, which focus on customer services and cold calling for lead generation and sales. To expand the horizon and to increase your revenues, you need to offer other services. For example, by adopting a class 5 Softswitch or an IP PBX solution, you can cater to businesses that need business phone services with advanced features.

When you hire a VoIP support engineer from a company, even if he might not have experience in handling all different VoIP solution, but the company will have engineers having expertise in each VoIP solution. Therefore, when you add new VoIP software to increase revenues, you will not need to go through the process of recruitment for an in-house expert or a freelancer using hiring portals.

2. Reliability of work

There are some common issues, which hamper the flow of work:

  • Abrupt resignation
  • Absconding employees
  • Sudden leave due to sickness or any other reason

These and other similar concerns cannot be overridden if you are relying on a single person who can be an in-house or a freelance support engineer.

When you hire a remote VoIP engineer from a company, you do not need to worry about any of these concerns. The responsibility of ensuring the work goes on will be of the VoIP company offering you the support services. To achieve this, a majority of VoIP development companies, which offer hire remote VoIP expert services, have a huge team to meet the increasing need and to handle the situation explained earlier.

3. 24/7 services

The companies offering VoIP support services serve in different time zones. To benefit the customers, the companies offer round the clock services. The VoIP support experts of such companies get trained to work with the same efficiency and productivity even in unsupervised work set up. The companies also add strict productivity monitoring tools. All this, lets you serve your customers 24/7 without getting worried about productivity and similar concerns.

4. Team scalability

When you start a business, you may need only one technical support engineer. A single support expert can handle multiple tickets. However, as you grow, you would need more support engineers. There can be a time when you need to remove some support engineers. For example, when you onboard customers, the work increases. Once you finish training and all, the work reduces. There can also be cases of recession, pandemic, etc., in which you do not need the hired workforce.

When you hire from a company, not only removing, but also adding support engineers become easier. It means you can ensure that you have a pool of resources and flexibility to add or remove VoIP support engineers.

5. Save money

There are some common and well-known facts, which imply reduced expenses while using remote resources such as:

  • Save money on infrastructure as you do not need to provide infrastructure to the VoIP support engineer(s).
  • Save money on adding a team manager and human resource executive to manage the hired in-house resources.
  • Save money on perks, office celebrations, events, beverages, office space, etc.
  • Save money on recruiting more support engineers or VoIP experts

All this lets you save money and increase profit.

How to hire a remote VoIP support engineer?

Do not need to take any extra steps, as we can provide you the required manpower for any VoIP technology. We offer a “Hire Resources” model to let our customers hire VoIP support engineers that would work for them full-time or part-time.

Our VoIP engineers are experienced in handling various VoIP solutions, including, open-source and custom. Along with VoIP engineers, we also have web developers to help you design front-end for customers.

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