Tips to Introduce Automation in Call Centers

Delivering customer service, which can meet customer expectations, needs a strategic plan, and the right tools in place. Call centers are handling customer service projects by working as the backbone of the industry. More than 15 million professionals work in the call center industry across the globe. To handle projects with more precision and to let millions of people work with high productivity, automation is needed.

Contact centers continually strive to provide better services by offering a system for swift, enhanced, and personalized customer experience at fair fees. In the call center industry, many operations and tasks are recurring, which can be automated to let agents focus on complex cases.

Call center technology advancements bring in amazing automation features furnished in the call center solutions. There are also some more approaches, which can be used by contact centers to add automation to the business.


All conversations do not need to be handled by agents. They can be handled by chatbots as well. Amidst your surprise, there are different types of chatbots available in the market, all thanks to the call center technology advancements.

Call center chatbots:

  • Voice bots
  • Chatbot for live web widget
  • WhatsApp smart replies
  • Email autoresponder
  • SMS auto-replies
  • And more

All of this or selected bots can be integrated into the call center software to add automation into the call center. This is not just automation, but defiantly smart automation.

Call center solution automation features

Predictive dialer of call center solutions has been benefiting call centers to handle outgoing calls for many years now. Along with predictive dialer, call center solutions offer many other distinct auto dialers to automate calling operations.

One more useful automation feature of call center software is a callback. The call center dialer automatically calls back the customer who has requested a callback.

Voice broadcasting is also an automated feature of contact center solutions. The same message can be delivered to millions of customers without involving agents in the calling process. This feature can also collect feedback from customers and show it to managers in a form of reports. If one uses an omnichannel contact center solution, SMS broadcasting can also be used.

To handle incoming calls, IVR has been in use for many years. It answers all commonly asked questions without involving agents in the call.

Schedule call is also an automation feature available in the call center solutions to automate dialing and attending a scheduled call without a miss.

Custom automation

Contact centers may have different automation needs. Call center software development companies, depending on their call center technology capabilities, can develop custom features for you and integrate them into your call center software. This is called custom automation.

Wrapping up

Automation in the call center software can indeed provide various benefits. From the reduction in expenses to increasing customer and employee satisfaction; many areas can be positively touched with call center automation.

Our call center software development experts have built various automation features for the call center solutions we offer. We have benefited some customers with custom services offering as well

Let’s discuss call center software and automation for your business in detail.

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