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Increase your deals with the same resources at the same time. It helps you maximize the output with the same key inputs.

What is predictive dialer?

It is one of the auto dialers available in the modern call center software. The auto dialers automatically dial numbers for a campaign from the lead list. 

Predictive dialer is an automated dialer that predicts in advance the exact moment an agent in the call center will be available to take the next call, plus, it predicts how many numbers should be dialed to connect to the real lead. The predictive dialer holds the ability to detect answering machines, voicemails, etc. It skips no answer calls, busy signals, disconnected numbers, answering machines, and voicemails. It only routes the right calls to the agents. 

The predictive dialer uses AI-driven predictive technology to detect the right ratio, which minimizes abandoned calls and maximizes agent productivity.

What is a smart predictive dialer?

These are predictive dialers with additional functionality and AI-driven technology Along with following the predictive dialing; the smart predictive dialers also perform additional actions. It plays pre-recorded voice messages to all the leads that attend the calls; it can also receive input from the connected lead, and continue based on their actions.

The smart predictive dialer is even more sales-driven. Instead of the “push” strategy, it follows the “pull” strategy, which can potentially direct to better results.

How predictive dialer works?

The principle behind the predictive dialing logic of a predictive dialer is that the call center dialer begins by dialing one entry per each agent that will get free soon. Based on the numbers, it predicts how many leads need to be dialed per agent to maximize their productivity. 


Call center dialer begins by dialing one entry per each agent that will get free soon. Based on the numbers, it predicts how many leads need to be dialed per agent to maximize their productivity.


The dialer detects voicemails, IVR, and answering machines, filters them out, and connects agents with calls that connect with the humans.


Using the AI-based predictive algorithm and collected statistics on previous calls, the dialer predicts the approximate time when each agent should be finishing a call and based on that it dials the next number.


Based on the collected statistics and percentage of lost calls, it calculates the number of entries to redial.

Type of predictive dialers:

Fundamentally, a predictive dialer can be hardware-based or software-based. The hardware-based predictive dialing is outdated as it is quite expensive to install and maintain. Also, it uses traditional telephony, so it does not give all the benefits available with the call center software. Here, we are referring to the predictive dialer available in the latest call center solutions.


Here the predictive dialing ratio is calculated by the system itself. It also adjusts the dialing ratio.

How it works?

  • According to the connected call ratio out of dialed numbers, the predictive dialer calculates how many leads need to be dialed. For example, if 1 out of 4 dialed calls is connected to the lead, then the predictive dialer will automatically dial based on 1:4:1, connected leads:dialed leads:number of agents to be available.
  • The predictive dialer adjusts the ratio based on the abandoned call ratio and average call duration.


Here the predictive dialing ratio is specified to the supervisor/admin manually. The system follows the ratio set by the supervisor/admin.

How it works?

  • The manager specifies the number of leads that need to be dialed to connect with enough leads to handover to the available/free agents.

Benefits of predictive dialing:

Increase Work time

With a predictive dialer, agents spend time on calls instead of manually dialing numbers, waiting on dial tones, followed by a ringing tone, etc. With the use of this type of auto dialer, agents are always connected with live calls only. As soon as an ongoing call is finished, the system connects the customer to the agent.

Increase the contact rate

This dialing mode identifies and skips fake numbers, answering machines, and busy numbers ensuring agents spend most of their time productively. They can easily make 300% more calls each day.

Take more calls

The only way to stop the call flow is to pause it manually. Thus, agents not only handle more calls per day but also stay focused during the shift and eventually close more deals.

Save money on human resources

Maximizing the efficiency of existing agents negates the need to hire additional agents to work with the same outbound call volume.

Disadvantages of predictive dialing:

  • Call center software belongs to a regulated market where knowing the legislation and industry compliances before implementing the predictive dialer is necessary.
  • Although it is accurate in predicting the ratio, but it does not consider possible delays in the telemarketing. This, sometimes, results in an increased abandoned rate.
  • It is very fast and that is why you must have enough agents to handle the incoming calls. It is effective only if you have at least 10 agents.
  • A predictive dialer is not so effective if an agent needs to know the information of the lead. If it is a prerequisite, you must have call center CRM integration and good call script employed to improve the way agents handle leads once connected. Moreover, agents must have skills in attending frequent calls efficiently.

Predictive dialers KPI metrics

An efficient auto dialer determines key performance indicators (KPI) of a call center. Following are the metrics that can be augmented with the implementation of the predictive dialing:

ACR (Abandoned Call Ratio)

ACR is a computational evaluation of the number of lost calls (abandoned by the prospect) while waiting to get connected with an agent. The predictive dialer controls the maximum abandoned call rate and decreases dialing speed when needed.

ACD (Average Call Duration)

ACD is the average time of a real conversation between the customer and an agent. It is the speaking time except for pre-call preparation or post-call disposition and wrapping up. To determine ACD, the system divides the duration of all answered calls by the total number of answered calls.

AAD (Average Answer Delay)

AAD is the average time that a lead waits before hanging up when there’s no answer from an agent during an outbound call. Given that you have sufficient agents, the predictive dialer will connect the leads with agents immediately, which will certainly decrease delays.

Average Wait Time (AWT)

This is the average time a lead waits in a call queue till one’s issue is not resolved by an agent. Average wait time in outbound campaigns is an important dialing optimization factor used to lessen the wait time of the agent between calls and reduce answer delays. 

ASR (Average Seizure Ratio)

This is a percentage of favorably answered calls from total dialing tries (“seizures”). To determine ASR, divide successfully answered calls by the total number of dialing attempts and multiply by 100. 

User Occupancy

User occupancy or agent occupancy is the percentage of time an agent invests on calls versus idle time (waiting for calls to arrive). User occupancy is determined by dividing total working hours by agent hours. 

Who employs predictive dialers?

The predictive dialer is a valuable and highly efficient outbound dialer for call centers and businesses of all sizes and industry verticals that can assist in achieving many benefits. Almost all businesses can get benefited by using it and some of them are:

  • BPOs
  • Call center with high call volume
  • Sales campaigns
  • Telemarketing campaigns
  • Debt collection campaigns
  • Mortgage and insurance campaigns
  • HR and recruiting campaigns
  • Political campaigning
  • Fundraising campaigns for non-profit organizations

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