Call Center CRM Integrations, Its Features, and Benefits

call center CRM integration, features, benefits

Call Center CRM integration supports obtaining better customer service and a shortened lead conversion cycle. This is the reason it is essential for thriving businesses and thus, these thriving businesses need to select a call center solution that is resilient to support CRM integration to allow you to enjoy the benefits of Single Sign-On and other features.

Competition is rising and thus, it’s frequently turning more critical for Sales, Marketing, Services, and Support teams to have reliable call center CRM integration. This system should provide insightful information and features that are automated and user-friendly.

All call centers and other firms who have chosen to switch to a Call Center CRM integrated solution have encountered positive outcomes such as:

Top Call Center CRM Integration features:

The call center CRM integration allows you to use all other features available in both of these systems. In addition to that, it provides a set of value-added features to support your agents in better serving your customers and prospective customers to increase KPI values.

There are several principal factors to consider while assessing the best call center CRM integration service for you. A CRM integrated call center solution goes ahead of just pushing and pulling of data, as it strengthens the range of enterprise unit needs into one centralized, cross-functional solution, thereby adhering to the style users and business operations really run. The requisite key features you should look for in a solution built after CRM call center integration are briefed below:

  • Single Sign-on: so your agents don’t require toggling between the call center and the CRM screens.
  • Click-to-call:  for all numbers within your CRM solution to generate an outbound call on a single click.
  • Screen popup: to pop all information associated with the client through the live call in the call center software. A call center “Screen Popup” is a window that automatically “pops” up when a call is connected to the client. This window is typically a CRM screen, which showcases the required customer information to your agent.
  • Automatic data logs: to display the logs regarding who made changes in the customer record and when for better security
  • Lead encryption: to retain contact details of the customer private even from the agents who had a conversation with the customer. This helps in assuring better prevention and safety from data theft.
  • Trigger update operation based on activities: New information addition or editing existing record available in the CRM via a call center solution. 

The bottom line is that your call center and CRM solutions should be seamlessly operating collectively as one solution, concentrating your agents’ attention on what is necessary – customer engagement or customer satisfaction.

Key Takeaways

To sum it up, the call center CRM integration offers value-added features that support your agents deliver a better and more personalized response to the clients and prospects. It aids in various ways to companies that use call center solutions.

We, at AC InfoSoft, integrate any third-party or open-source call center solutions and CRM systems. We can help you get this powerful system. Let’s discuss this more in detail. Call Center CRM integration helps to achieve better customer service and reduced lead conversion cycle. This is the reason it is key for growing businesses to choose a call center solution that is flexible to support CRM integration to let you enjoy Single Sign-On and other features.

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