Preview Dialer Complete Guide: Definition, Pros, Cons, and Use Cases

Preview Dialer Complete Guide: Definition, Pros, Cons, and Use Cases

Preview dialer is an auto dialer available in advanced call center solutions. It shows a preview of customer record before dialing a number and that is why it is known as preview dialer. Its strength of showing lead information to agents lets agents examine certain essential customer information before attending the call. Agents can also have the option of skipping a lead if they are not confident to make that call successful. 

Furthermore, the agents additionally have enough time to be completely armed with the winning mindset and quintessential client information to entice clients with the most convincing pitch. Preview dialer is a valuable call center dialer feature because it encourages your agents to interact with clients with precise insights.

This model of connecting agents and customers help to make outbound campaigns more successful and fruitful.

Also Known as Semi-automatic Dialer

It is also known as a semi-automatic dialer as it does not automatically dial the numbers. Agents manually give the command to dial a number and connect with the customer or prospect when they are ready and confident or they skip the call and preview another customer preview.

Preview Dialer Major Benefits:

There are many advantages of preview dialer. In fact, this is one of the most commonly used call center dialers in many contact centers. Let’s check some of the major advantages of using it:

Better Conversion Rate

Preview dialer further serves in achieving a greater conversion rate because the interaction between agent and client is usually more personalized, insightful, and result-driven.

Enhanced Agent Performance

The agent usually previews information to get prepared for the next call. This helps them be ready and deliver better results. Thus, it increases performance. 

Minimized Call Drop Rate

Preview dialer dials call only when the agent shows readiness to attend the call. Thus, there are minimum chances of call drops.


This auto dialer is client-centric in their working modes. It gives preference to clients and better customer experience.

Minimized Call Drop Rate

Preview dialer dials call only when the agent shows readiness to attend the call. Thus, there are minimum chances of call drops.

Preview Dialer Major Drawbacks:

  • If you do not have insightful information about the lead, then this dialer does not help. For example, all you have is the name, email address, and phone number, then this information cannot help agents to personalize the conversation and increase leads.
  • It might reduce productivity and time in some cases. Agents may waste significant time studying individual cases and customers before calling. This may result in reduced productivity. However, it is dependent on the agents and their experience.

Preview Dialer Use Cases

It is considered as the most used auto dialer in some call centers where customer cases are complex or offered products are very personalized. 

If you are using a feature-rich call center software and wondering when to employ preview dialer to achieve better results, here are some of the use cases of a preview dialer:

  • In complicated cases of customer support, an agent would like to analyze the case and information about the client before originating the call to prepare the best possibility of resolving the issue and closing the case.
  • To follow-up on a sales inquiry or customer request for a product.
  • To run collection campaigns.


Outreaching prospects, voters, customers that need to pay collection EMI, community members, or donors can seldom be difficult. An agent requires the liberty to study the lead, know the interaction history, and later reach the lead. The preview dialer allows agents to achieve exactly the same way. It gives flexibility and confidence to the agent over leads to be contacted and at the same time provides the command to the manager. 

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