Safeguard Your Ecommerce Store from Cyber Attacks
Technology opens the doors of opportunities for everyone and cybercriminals or hackers are not at all an exception. All businesses using one or more technology are prone to potential cyber-attacks. The easiest target of cybercriminals and hackers is e-commerce websites. Among more express checkout policies along with simple purchasing and trading possibilities attract more and...
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Magento 1 end of life - what to do next?
In the e-commerce industry, Magento is the known platform to build eCommerce solutions and online stores. Still, thousands of e-commerce merchants are running their online stores on Magento 1. If you are one of the eCommerce business owners using the Magento 1 based online store, you have to read this blog post.  If you have...
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Many things can be difficult, but selecting the most prominent auto dialer for your business is not. We all know each call center software offers multiple auto dialers and thus, people use auto dialers randomly. Do not do that. In this blog post, you will know auto dialer more closely and will also learn the...
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Top Tips for E-commerce Startups to Succeed
The e-commerce industry is gigantic. There are so many buyers and sellers who bring in new trends in the industry. To make your e-commerce business thriving, you have to know about the top trends in the eCommerce industry and take advantage of them to attract more buyers and have a profit-making online store.  Many people...
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Laravel PHP Framework for Enterprise Apps
For enterprise web development, there are many frameworks available. Laravel is one of the most prominent web development frameworks. It is an easy, efficient, and simple to use framework. Laravel offers simplified and easy coding standards for the Laravel developer. This framework does not require a reduction of features. Laravel is extremely popular for web...
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Power Dialer Maximize Business with Minimum Manual Efforts
Power dialer is an automatic phone dialing tool for connecting customers with agents. This tool connects call center agents solely when a real person attends the call, which increases the productivity remarkably. What is Power Dialer? It is an automatic tool that dials the numbers automatically and enables call centers to contact several clients or...
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Magento 2 Migration Advantages
 In November 2015, Magento 2 was launched. After five years of its release, Magento has announced that it will not support Magento 1 after the end of the June 2020.  Since November 2018, no new features or functionalities are added for Magento 1 version.  It means using Magento 1 based eCommerce website is no more...
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Tips to Manage Remote Call Center Agents for Excellent Performance
Want to make sure that your remote agents work effectively? Want to make sure your virtual call center setup is efficient and productive? Read on. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, similar to many other businesses, call centers are also moving remote. More and more call centers have started adopting virtual call center solutions to let...
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Magento development to enhance customer experience
Mastering any eCommerce framework is challenging. The mastering procedure is tedious and one needs to go through considerable trial-and-error. Enhancing user experience with a Magento store is the same process. Magento is more difficult to develop and customize compared to other eCommerce development platforms. Even if it is possible to personalize the online store built...
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