The invention of predictive dialers has radically transformed the process a lead is enticed and how a lead is converted. Traditionally, the sales process required lengthy and expensive business trips, and physical meetings with customers, but the internet, united with progression in other technologies has headed for the handling sales remotely.

Sales agents can entice prospects with greater flexibility and competence, particularly with the usage of a predictive dialer. 

What is predictive dialer?

Predictive dialer is one of the features available in the advanced call center solutions. Employing complicated algorithms, the predictive dialer – which is fundamentally an automated dialer – dials lead numbers precisely before the agent is about to complete the existing call.

Predictive dialers further remove the following types of calls:

  • Disconnected calls
  • Answering machines
  • Busy tones

This auto dialer ensures simply live calls, which are connected with humans get connected to an agent.

There are many benefits of using this feature of call center software.

One of the major benefits of a predictive dialer is tremendously increasing sales. However, if you never thought of utilizing it for boosting sales, we will explain the use of it in this blog post.  

Let us share how predictive dialing helps to accelerate sales and revenues of business or call centers that use this feature of the call center solution.

Boost Productivity of Agent:

When agents use the manual dialer, agents have to continually review phone numbers and manually dial the numbers one by one. It would require added time to eventually connect a call with a human. It would result in a waste of time.  

Predictive dialers make sure that agents do not have to check and dial numbers of the leads. Agents also encounter reduced idle time as the predictive dialer applies algorithms to predict the best time to begin dialing numbers by prophesying when the ongoing call will be finished.

Thus, as soon as agents complete an ongoing call, they connect with the next call. It means there is a minimum to no idle time and agents are always on the call with customers or leads. This helps in increasing agent productivity like anything.

Better Lead Management:

A predictive dialer can predict the most suitable time to call a lead as well as it can skip all DND numbers. Thus, it is more likely that each prospect gives time to listen to the agent. 

Moreover, predictive dialer shows information related to the prospect to the agent, so he can entice the lead better. If invested in call center CRM integration further information including buying habits, earlier conversations, etc. can be shown to the agents. This helps in converting leads to paying customers.

A majority of people avoid attending calls from unknown area codes or foreign numbers. However, with the right call center solution and a predictive dialer you can make sure only the local number and area code is shown to the lead. It assures-more leads are connected to have a conversation.

If you have a complete system with call center CRM integration then all these activities are stored in CRM, for more reliable and more effective management of leads. It further assists in rendering metrics and KPIs in real-time. This further boosts sale along with the assured effective management of leads.

Reduced Expenses and Augmented Revenues:

Employing a predictive dialer can lower operational expenses, as you will need minimum agents and minimum investment in cost in running campaigns for lead generation and sales.

As you require fewer agents, you can make sure to hire the most skilled ones. The auto dialer reduces the absolute time and considerably decreases the call abandonment ratio.

This causes ample revenues from sales and gain profits in operations. Furthermore, call center dialers using the predictive dialing and integrated with CRM assures approaching the leads in a pleasanter and result-oriented way.

Excellent Customer Satisfaction:

Predictive dialers reach clients throughout the time they are quite apparent to attend the calls. This mode of calling assures possible clients are not interrupted during times they would be occupied with other work.

Clients are further satisfied as they are informed that your business will not reach them throughout an unsuitable time. Furthermore, the possibilities of a sales boost considerably, therefore, predictive dialer commences to a more satisfying experience to clients. It helps in increasing customer loyalty and retention.

Increased Job Satisfaction for Team

As mentioned earlier, predictive dialer calls customers or leads during the time when they are more likely to attend the call. Thus, they are more likely to indulge in a conversation. Thus, in a majority of calls agents are able to convey that they want to. They rarely need to face the frustration of leads for bothering them in their busy hours. Thus, along with customers, it also satisfies agents and managers working in your organization. It gives higher job satisfaction to customers and managers


The basic notion of a predictive dialer is to better handle things for any outgoing campaign. It not only performs the processes uncomplicatedly, but it also increases the success rate.

Call centers can use many other features along with predictive dialing such as:

  • Call recording
  • Customer information popup
  • IVR
  • Survey
  • And more

These features let agents concentrate on reaching more potential leads by saving time and resources. It also reduces the sales cycle and quickly generates sales.

If you need to know more about predictive dialer, here is the

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