Choose the Right E-commerce Platform for Your Online Fashion Store

Choose the Right E-commerce Platform for Your Online Fashion Store

The fashion domain has unfolded over the past decade and touching new horizons. It has shifted the most comprehensive and most successful industry verticals. Therefore, retailers are exploring satisfactory answers to accommodate resilient and affordable ways to get into this domain and deliver excellent customer experience. This passion has transformed the fashion industry upside down. It made multiple options available to the online buyers and that also at affordable rates.

Many businesses have invested in eCommerce platform development to assist retailers in launching their online fashion marketplace. Nevertheless, you should choose the best and reliable eCommerce development company that can assist you to build an online fashion store and help in scaling up that. 

If you are going to invest in fashion store development to embark business in the fashion industry, you must know which platforms can be used for online store development. On the other hand, all eCommerce companies need to know about the trending eCommerce development platforms to cater to their clients with a reliable, robust, scalable, and secure online fashion store.

In this blog post, we have briefed about the top eCommerce platforms. 

1. Shopify

It is one more excellent eCommerce development platform to build your online fashion store. Retailers can foresee exceptional client support for eCommerce and m-commerce platforms by selecting Shopify. It offers a diversity of unique business, theme, selling, and other eCommerce features that improve online fashion store look and feel as well as customer experience as per the market demands.

Shopify is an enterprise means a paid solution. It has three different packages to offer:

Basic Shopify: 

It has fundamental yet vital features needed by a startup of a small business online fashion store.


Along with all features of Basic Shopify, it also has some high-level features like:

  • Professional Reports
  • Gift cards
  • And many more

It is appropriate for all budding companies.

Advanced Shopify: 

It incorporates all advanced features as well as the integration of third-party applications. It is appropriate for large-scale enterprises.

To build a fashion store with this platform you need to have knowledge of Shopify development or you need to take external help.

Some more must know offerings of the Shopify platform are as below:

  • Round the clock support via live chat and phone
  • Free themes
  • All-inclusive dashboard
  • Plug & play feature development
  • Mailchimp integration
  • Forum for Shopify users 

2. Magento

It is the most suitable platform if you want a platform that is extremely scalable and supports complete personalization. It can manage massive transactions and visitors in parallel. Its widespread characteristics for developing and advertising eCommerce store for fashion industry along with growing buyer categorization presents it as a classic platform for businesses to be big.

Magento gives different versions to aid companies to make the greatest out of it. Thus, Magento development to build an online store can be really beneficial. There are two versions of Magento platform:

Community Edition: It is available for free as it is an open-source solution. It is perfect for small and medium scaled businesses or anyone that wants to keep the budget in control. In this case, all one needs to invest in is Magento development if there is no in-house expertise.

Enterprise Edition: It is a paid version offered by the community itself. One needs to pay to use this version. The benefit of using it can be accessed to various high-level and secure features. Various eCommerce titans get empowered by using the enterprise edition of Magento. By the way, you still need the help of Magento development experts.

This eCommerce development platform has many inbuilt features to empower developers such as:

  • User segmentation
  • Multi-store management
  • Mobile commerce aka mCommerce
  • Persistent shopping cart
  • eCommerce SEO
  • Free themes
  • Proactive community
  • Complete access and ownership of code

How to Select the eCommerce Platform for Your Fashion Store Development:

Each company is distinctive and so as the requirements. Nevertheless, recognizing certain standards and best practices can assist to determine the most suitable platform to build your online fashion store. 

Here are some vital tips to keep in mind:

1. Define your target audience

Invest time in creating buyer persona of your target audience. To build a personalized fashion store layout as per the buyers’ interests, you need complete command on the code. Furthermore, study the mCommerce choices given by the eCommerce development platform, as customers presently favor mobile shopping.

2. Check Theme alternatives

It is essential to choose the best theme that satisfies your unique and creative requirements to entice your buyers. Analyze the possibilities granted by the platform and study what competitors are using. It will assist you to make a definite choice.

3. Personalization

Review customization options made available to you by the considered eCommerce platform. To build a store to deliver novel and exceptional customer experience, you might require to customize your online store for different aspects such as:

  • Category page
  • Product detail page
  • Checkout process
  • Shopping cart
  • Payment gateways
  • And more

4. Flexibility of Integration

Many eCommerce businesses integrate online stores with different solutions such as CRM, ERP, etc. This integration usually helps in streamlining business processes and increases productivity. Thus, check if your considered platform supports the integration of other software you want to get integrated.


Choosing the best eCommerce development platform for a fashion store is a crucial job. If you choose the right platform, you can get a successful market position in the online fashion industry and stay ahead of the competition. Make sure you look for the features, flexibilities, and characteristics that can meet your current and future needs in your platform. Of course, you can migrate from one platform to another later, but that will again demand investment for the migration process. Thus, to make it a profitable business, choose an ideal platform.

You can take the help of an eCommerce expert in the selection and development process to stay rest assured that you will get the right platform.  We, AC InfoSoft, are one of the leading eCommerce development company. We have benefited many businesses with our eCommerce development services on different platforms. Let’s discuss your requirements. Get a free consultation for choosing the right platform for your upcoming online fashion store. Get in Touch! 

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