Tips to Increase Revenue of Magento E-commerce Store with Cross-Selling

Tips to Increase Revenue of Magento E-commerce Store with Cross-Selling

Cross-selling products on any eCommerce store is a necessary step to increase revenues. There would be hardly any online store that does not apply cross-selling techniques.

Major e-commerce stores always show “Customers also bought” section for the customers. 

More than 70% of online shoppers get enticed with these product suggestions. This technique of selling relevant products to purchase on one product is called cross-selling in marketing language.

Suggesting various products associated with the product added to the cart of the buying habits of the customer or based on the browsing history of the shopper can serve to deliver an excellent experience as well as increasing revenues. And it will also, increase the sales of your Magento 2 store. 

Regardless of the size of your eCommerce business and nature of the business, which can be trading some goods or selling hundreds of goods under various categories, cross-selling can be helpful to you and buyers, both.

We are one of the leading eCommerce development companies. We have built more than 100 eCommerce stores in different eCommerce platforms. This blog post is written for owners of the Magento store. Of course, a majority of these tips apply to all eCommerce stores regardless of the technology used to build it. There are some specific tips for Magento 2 store owners. 

This complete blog will let eCommerce owners understand the phenomenon of cross-selling and increase sales. 

What Is Cross-Selling? How does It work?

In simple terms, cross-selling implies recommending correlated goods to buyers according to their buying habits and navigation history. 

Let’s understand with a practical example.

When you go to a fast-food shop such as Subway and place an order, the person who takes orders       often shares some offers such as buying this combo, you can get this additionally. This is an ideal example of cross-selling. 

Cross-Selling in Magento E-commerce

There are numerous purposes eCommerce store proprietors practice cross-selling for building a strong sales strategy. One of the apparent advantages of cross-selling is intensified ROIs with increasing purchasing habits of buyers. When a shopper purchases a smartphone, he gets suggestions to buy different relevant accessories. Therefore, when a shopper is looking for mobile phones, product recommendations for him could be mobile covers, stands, and other accessories. 

Some Magento 2 extensions let store owners add cross-selling functionality. To take its real advantage, make sure you know Magento 2 development or take the help of one of the reliable Magento development companies such as AC InfoSoft.

Cross-selling function integrated into Magento 2 stores helps in improving customer experience by saving their time to find relevant products, which they will need right now or later. It further increases customer retention and loyalty as well as referral customer if you are also giving some discount on buying add-on products.

Below is the list of major advantages online stores achieve by using cross-selling in their eCommerce stores:

  • Increase customer delight
  • Increase returning customers and shopping
  • Boosted referral business
  • Deliver better customer experience
  • Increase sales
  • Increase revenues

Top Tips to Apply Effective Cross-Selling Technique:

Don’t follow the strategy of being too hard on selling with cross-selling techniques for your eCommerce stores. 

Buyers would favor adding further supplementary goods to their shopping carts. However, they would never like to get enforcement on buying recommendations. Cross-selling is an art and not everyone knows it. Yes, it looks easy, but to make it really effective, online store owners need to be strategic. Here are the top tips to implement an effective cross-selling technique.

1. Classify and Group Your Prospective Customers

It is vital to know your target buyers and everything precisely they require. Various shoppers might have diverse preferences and choices for online shopping. Recognize the buyers and classify them into groups before making a cross-selling strategy. 

2. Focus on Recommending Correlated Products Only

You have to assure that you recommend particularly related items to the buyers otherwise they may find it forceful or irrelevant to buy these products and might not shop them. Moreover, they may leave forever. You must use the right Magento 2 development company that knows which extension can give better suggestions to show the most correlated goods to buyers. 

3. Do not show too many suggested products

It is necessary to show few and the most relevant items that match with the product added to the cart. Showing too many relevant or suggested products to the buyer can make him confused. This mistake can raise the cart abandonment ratio. 

4. Show Cross-Selling Products in Checkout Page

Magento 2 development companies with the required skills can build a shopping cart, which shows some more relevant products on the payment page with an option to express add-to-cart. It will encourage the buyer to make the next choice. This is a prominent way of cross-selling to influence shoppers. Moreover, it can possibly influence their buying decisions.

5. Remarketing

Many people do not buy products you are selling them. They add the in the wishlist or shopping cart. Moreover, some buy only what they want and do not invest additional in other recommended items with cross-selling tools. It definitely does not mean that they do not want to use those items. They still can be interested in buying them. To attract these customers back to your site and to cross-sell more products, you can use remarketing ads. It shows ads of those products wherever the customer goes from Google to Facebook, newswire, etc. It will help in increasing cross-selling business.


Magento is an all-inclusive eCommerce store development platform. It has various extensions that can help you increase revenue by cross-selling. To make sure you get the right Magento extension and that gets configured correctly, you must have knowledge of Magento 2 development or you should hire company expertise in Magento 2. We, AC InfoSoft, are renowned as one of the leading Magento development companies. We have expertise in all versions of the Magento platform. Also, we have experience in building different functionality to benefit online store owners. Along with Magento, we also offer eCommerce store development and customization services on different platforms. Let’s discuss.

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