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sticky agent in call center software
Advanced call center solutions offer different advanced features to amplify call centers. Sticky agent is one of the advanced features available in smart call center software or any advanced call center solution.  What Is Sticky Agent? It is one of the automated call routing features available in the call center software, which offers advanced features....
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call center challenges & resolutions
Customer service is not an easy job. Demand, priorities, and expectations keep on evolving in this segment of the business. Of course, technology also evolves altogether to support the required expectation of customers to deliver the delighting customer experience. Still, these evolutions bring in different challenges in the call center such as: Performing more with...
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Top 5 Tips to Deliver Good User Experience for WooCommerce Store Owners
E-commerce businesses need to focus on outstanding user experience. By keeping the customer experience in high-priority, you can increase returning visitors as well as you can get more conversions. An e-commerce store can be built on different e-commerce development platform and for each platform and framework of e-commerce, there are different tips and techniques to...
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Predictive dialer and its types
Technologies are rapidly progressing. Taking advantage of these progressing technologies can be really helpful to any business. Today, we will talk about one of the technological advancements that are benefiting marketing. Technology progresses dynamically and the smart utilization of it has transformed the marketing segment. A majority of business is now carried out on the...
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contact center vs call center
Customer experience is very important in any business. Increasing complexities in the requirements and expectations of the customers have forced brands to adopt tools and processes that serve customers promptly. To achieve this, businesses have started establishing dedicated customer care departments within the organization.  These customer care departments resemble a full-fledged contact center than a...
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Call center software helps in improving customer service, customer satisfaction and many such great features that take the business to top. Call center software is a system that is designed to manage multiple communication channels like phone, email, live chat, SMS, and social media. This system can be used as helpdesk software along with ticketing...
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