Top Tips to Deliver Good User Experience for WooCommerce Store Owners

Top 5 Tips to Deliver Good User Experience for WooCommerce Store Owners

E-commerce businesses need to focus on outstanding user experience. By keeping the customer experience in high-priority, you can increase returning visitors as well as you can get more conversions.

An e-commerce store can be built on different e-commerce development platform and for each platform and framework of e-commerce, there are different tips and techniques to deliver better user experience. In this blog post, we will talk about the WooCommerce platform.

As we all know, WordPress is a very much popular CMS. Thus, WooCommerce is also used by many online store owners. It is best for startup and small businesses. 

WooCommerce development company will build an online store, but just building an e-commerce store cannot deliver an exceptional user experience.

By following the correct strategy to deliver a good shopping experience to your customers, your WooCommerce store can get even competent at transforming visitors into buyers and enticing current buyers to return and shop regularly.

There are various methods to improve customer experience with WooCommerce, we are going to share the most impactful strategies.

1. Examine the front-end

Just WooCommerce development to build a website is not enough. You need to make sure your theme, design, look, and feel match the latest trends to give pleasant online shopping experience to users.

Except you proactively examine whether or not your online store frontend aka interface is satisfying the requirements and expectations of visitors, you probably lose customers and sales completely needlessly.

Thus, user experience testing is the absolute remedy to this and there are lots of tools developed to let you perform UX testing. If you fail to give notable enhancements to UX, it is better outsourcing it to eCommerce development companies experienced in WooCommerce. This company can choose and integrate the right design as per the latest trends and also run UX testing.

2. Reduce page load times

If your online store takes too long to load, it will definitely affect your user experience. As a majority of visitors will be window-shopping from smartphones and there is a pretty little patience for slow-loading sites amongst online shoppers. This is one of several rising trends in the eCommerce industry to do whatever it needs to increase sales.

Compression can aid notably with poor load times, and you must implement it both to the CSS of WooCommerce theme and data-intensive components such as product pictures.

Obviously, all the efforts by the WooCommerce development expert in optimizing the backend will be unprofitable if you are not hosting it on a powerful hosting platform. Thus, even after putting a lot of effort and time in backend optimization, your site does not load faster, opt for a higher package or use a better hosting provider.

3. Ecommerce Store Must Be Mobile-Friendly

Google had shared that more than 60% of traffic comes from mobile devices. It means a minimum of 60% of traffic to your website is coming from smartphones and other mobile devices. That suggests you must assure that your e-commerce store presents all pages, products, shopping cart, checkout process, etc. accurately despite the difference in screen size, resolution, etc.

These days, almost all readymade themes are responsive. However, integrating it as it is cannot make your website responsive. In an e-commerce site, there are multiple components and different types of data, including, images, videos, etc. Thus, WooCommerce developers have to make changes to assure that the site stays and looks responsive to all devices and give the same and satisfactory buying experience.

For the mobile version, you can also take some added steps such as do not add too much content in the mobile version of the site. 

4. Give Instant Support to Buyers

Regardless of the fact, how excellent your online store is, there will be occasions when shoppers want to receive guidance and they will be questionable to require to wait too long for an email reply sent to your customer team. In fact, it is unlikely they send an email to ask something. They will just go to another provider.

Here, using either a call center software with unified communication support or using a live chat software can be a genuine blessing. As it implies that you give help immediately to shoppers on the site itself so there is no need for them to struggle to get a response. They can either send a chat request or call to a customer care center and get the response.

Depending on your budget, you can get an omnichannel call center software, which supports all communication channels, including, WhatsApp or you can get a white-label or free live chat widget for the site.

5. Search Must Be Simplified

If your visitors can make an advance search to get what they are looking for with ease, you are more likely to get higher sales and customer satisfaction. While using WooCommerce development for your online store, you can simply use a better-performing product search plug-in. There are several plug-ins available for this and you can choose the one that suits you the most.  


Take advantage of technology to deliver an outstanding user experience to your visitors and buyers. Make sure to not experiment with things. If you do not have experience in WooCommerce, use service from a company that specializes in WooCommerce development. We, AC InfoSoft, have been catering to our customers with our e-commerce platform specialization. WooCommerce is one of the platforms we expertise in. We can help you further whether you have an existing store and not getting conversions as per the expectations or if you are going to start a new business and want development of the online store from scratch. Let’s have a detailed discussion.

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