Call Center Software Benefits and Features


Call center software helps in improving customer service, customer satisfaction and many such great features that take the business to top. Call center software is a system that is designed to manage multiple communication channels like phone, email, live chat, SMS, and social media. This system can be used as helpdesk software along with ticketing features mainly to help agents in responding to customer queries in solving issues.

What does Call Center Software Do?

Call center software allows the company to run a call center and help them to extend support for customer inquiries and serve as a help desk for customer issues. It enables communication between the company and its customers, providing a means to interact with the company on matters related to business, products, and services. Call center software facilitates two-way communications and provides various features including email, voicemails, offers, deals, feedback and many more. These features help the agent in delivering better service as well in streamlining workflows.

Why Use Call Center Software?

Call center solution is designed for efficiency and productivity, making the most of communication technology to engage and interact with customers, especially in solving customer problems.

Operational Flexibility:

Today’s call center software is a ready-to-use all-in-one call center solution that can do much more than call and information management. It is easy to use even for new agents and to be applied simultaneously to many types of tasks. It is highly configurable to meet all kinds of organizational needs.

Enhanced Security:

Call center solution, especially, the cloud or hosting platform, is equipped with security features to keep call center operations secure at all times. Therefore, it is important to have a reliable provider with strong security protocols, compliance, and system maintenance.

Reduced Cost:

On-premises call center solutions require the preparation of full-featured components, hardware, and applications. Of course, this leads to an investment. However, more popular and budget-friendly SaaS and hosting solutions can provide call center systems, while keeping the system secure at all times without worrying about installation, hardware, upgrades, and maintenance. This is definitely like lowering costs. One can also host the solution in the cloud to save on the on-premises infrastructure cost.

Remote Team:

A small and dedicated team is sufficient for most customer support needs. In addition to savings, there are remote agents for virtual call centers. If they have devices connected to the Internet, regardless of geographic location, they form part of a call center team.

Enhanced Customer Relationship:

Enhanced customer relationships begin with the best customer support. One survey found that 80% of companies say they provide “excellent” customer service, but only 8% of customers think so. Call center software provides the means to provide optimal, reliable and prompt customer service.

Increased Productivity:

Call center software includes intuitive and automated features such as auto dialers, time routing, monitoring tools, prioritization, and call route metrics. It uses KPIs to measure each agent’s productivity and provide real-time feedback on how customer support is actually being performed.

What are the Features of Call Center Software?

Controlled Telephony:

Call center software is similar to a regular phone, but reengineered for call control, which allows the agent to hold, transfer or mute a call with a click of a mouse. Besides voice calls, this software facilitates agents to respond to live chats, emails, and other social media messages.

Power Dialer:

When an agent becomes available, call center software notifies the client, make a call automatically, and then associate the agent with a caller group.

Automatic Call Distributors:

While monitoring performance and gathering information, call center software performs call routing to the most appropriate agent without having to be involved in the process.

Interactive Voice Response:

IVR is a call center software feature where the software takes care of the caller before and after connecting to the appropriate agent.

There are many more features available in the call center solutions to benefit its users. It can be a great tool for call centers as well as any small to big companies.

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