Predictive dialer and its types

Technologies are rapidly progressing. Taking advantage of these progressing technologies can be really helpful to any business. Today, we will talk about one of the technological advancements that are benefiting marketing.

Technology progresses dynamically and the smart utilization of it has transformed the marketing segment. A majority of business is now carried out on the phone with outstanding consumer support.

Call centers should leverage the benefit of technological progress in the communication area. Call centers call to massive quantities whether it is to promote a product or give client support. Prompt dialing is unquestionably an essential characteristic in marketing and several other kinds of dialers ready for use in the call center solution. These auto dialers are able to make calls by automatically dialing the numbers. Out of available various auto dialer in a call center software, a predictive dialer is the most outstanding

A predictive dialer is a call processing tool with multiple other features. A predictive dialer usually dials lead numbers in advance and eliminates the calls that go to busy lines or connect with answering machines and handovers simply those calls that are connected to live humans. The primary aim is to improve the valuable time per hour and productivity of all agents. All call center solutions are incorporated with a wide array of features to handle a call such as a call script, call controls, and more. These features of the call center software can be used by an agent once the call is assigned by a predictive dialer.

Generally, call centers and businesses use predictive dialer available in the call center solution, but do you know, there are three diverse kinds of predictive dialers:

  • Web-based dialers
  • VoIP predictive dialer
  • Hosted predictive dialer

The dialer chooses calls by employs an algorithm. For potential use, it is the best choice available. The dialer attains the potential of time zone management and call blending. It is additionally furnished with traits like DND call management. It means, predictive dialer never calls numbers that have opted for DND. The goal of a predictive dialer is to assign a new customer or prospect with an agent as soon as an ongoing call is finished to make sure wait time is reduced and talk time is increased.

The VoIP predictive dialers possess a spectrum of features for automated email, SMS, fax, SMS, plus, recycling of call records. With real-time surveillance and additional features for the required performance, it is an extremely valuable asset. It is additionally recognized as a soft dialer. It is software that can gain the value of the VoIP call. The software does not require any tools other than a computer and broadband internet connection. Existing technology has facilitated the software-based predictive dialers to run greater than the hardware-based dialers. Other than a computer, a professional may additionally require a voice modem or a telephony voice board.

There are several characteristics in the voice board that is not discovered in a voice modem. It is not able to identify call transfers and call progress. The constant pursuance of advancement in the telecom industry has delivered many improvements to benefit this business vertical. The telephony board functionalities are presently located in the software that reduce the expenses and improved versatility. The voice modem offers another benefit; laptops can similarly be utilized as an auto dialing solution.

The three distinct sorts of predictive dialers:

  • Soft
  • Hard, and
  • Intelligent dialers

A soft predictive dialer is a software installed on a computer or server. It holds specialties such as call progress analysis and automated call distribution. A standard soft predictive dialer employs SIP protocol.

Hard predictive dialers are hardware-based dialers, which are furnished with a more eminent capability to recognize calls terminating in answering machines.

Automatic dialing and automated audio messaging are unique characteristics linked with intelligent dialer.

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