Top 10 SEO Extensions 2020 for Magento 2

Top 10 SEO Extensions 2020 for Magento 2

Magento always has been the preferred choice of eCommerce development companies and online store developers. Presently, Magento development is considered as the topmost choice for e-commerce web development.

Magento development company can help you with building the best e-commerce web store with an engaging look and feel. However, to attract more buyers to your online store and to convert them into paying customers, you need to invest in SEO marketing.

If you desire to leverage your store the excellent revenues, you have to use various SEO services.

One of the major benefits of using Magento for eCommerce web development is that it is very SEO-friendly. There are some really remarkable Magento SEO extensions to boost your efforts in SEO marketing.

There are multiple SEO extensions available in Magento. In this blog post, you will learn about the top 10 Magento SEO extensions 2020. It will provide your e-commerce store the essential features and characteristics that are necessary to get and retain the top rankings.

1. Magento 2 SEO Extension by BSSCommerce

This add-on is often preferred by many Magento developers because of its all-inclusive nature. It acquires all fundamental SEO tools and thus, it offers quite advanced SEO features. From easy optimization to assist in boosting the store rank in search engines, this SEO extension helps in all ways. 

Here is the list of the major feature of this Magento extension:

  • Canonical tag and Hreflang tag support to diminish plagiarism
  • 301 redirection to remove broken links
  • Breadcrumbs for better navigation
  • Produce HTML and XML sitemap for effective websites indexing
  • Robot meta tag configuration for better crawling and indexing
  • Advanced rich snippets to obtain better ranks and CTR for products
  • SEO audit and other reports for monitoring
  • And more

2. Advanced SEO Suite for Magento 2

Website optimization for search engines and users is a complicated job and need experience of SEO experts. However, Advanced SEO Suite for Magento 2 extension supports e-commerce web store optimization with ease. This plugin can provide you many more features to optimize the online store for SEO and users.

It has a simple front-end interface and a handy backend interface that holds a family of optimization features. It also provides an SEO toolbar, which let you analyze the below-mentioned key indicators:

  • Count of H1 tags on the existing page
  • Mera title, description, and keywords
  • Keyword density on the page
  • Canonical URL compliance
  • Image Alt tag 
  • Robots meta header

The pros of using Advanced SEO Suite for Magento 2:

  • Regulate all store redirects instantly and efficiently
  • Preview SEO pages at a glimpse via SEO toolbar
  • Build ultimate SEO templates
  • Create rich snippets for your store
  • Automate Metatag administration for e-commerce web store
  • Improve CTR indicator

3. Magento 2 SEO Suite Ultimate Extension

It is a one-size-fits-all kind of extension for your all SEO requirements. You can remove site-plagiarism, increase site indexing, and transform e-commerce store to SEO and user friendly one. Moreover, it offers many more functionalities such as:

  • Optimization of new pages     
  • Cross-links for internal linking structure
  • SEO Redirects
  • Canonical tags
  • Use an appropriate page for category canonical tags
  • Rich snippets
  • Hreflang tags support
  • And more

4. Google Rich Snippets for Magento 2

Implementing Google Rich Snippets in your site will not only improve ranks, but also CTR (Click Through Rates). For your online store, you can configure rich snippets easily. You can also highlight the important information to produce unique content 

Some of the key features offered by this extension are:

  • Rich snippets formation including company name, logo, etc.
  • Add availability tag for products to rich snippets
  • Add breadcrumbs for rich snippets
  • Display category page wise average products rating 
  • Display category page wise starting price
  • And more 

5. Magento 2 SEO Extension

It is a fabulous plugin because of its oversimplified characteristics and use. It has a multitude of features that heighten traffic and purchases for your e-commerce web store. The functionalities are activated automatically at the time of installation. 

It let your SEO experts include meta descriptions and keywords for your merchandise and goods which will get your online store more SEO and user friendly. Some of the major SEO features available in this Magento SEO extension 2020 are:

  • Smart Meta Tag
  • Support Google Services
  • Org Structured Data
  • Breadcrumbs
  • robots.txt editor
  • .htaccess editor
  • Social Integration

6. Defer JS

The speed of a website is one of the major contributors to its rank. E-commerce sites are often heavy and that’s why its loading speed influences its keyword rankings. With Defer JS extension you can increase the load speed of your eCommerce web store as well as enhance PageSpeed score.

It further allows the Magento development team to download HTML and CSS content primarily and thereafter proceeds to JavaScript folders. As an outcome, an e-commerce website receives optimized webpages and top keyword ranks.

7. Improved Layered Navigation for Magento 2

It handles all general problems encountered with maximum e-commerce web stores, called, navigation. Your buyers can move throughout your eCommerce website without feeling lost. You will be able to additionally provide various filters and widgets to assist customers to locate the item they require in a snap.

Major functionalities supported by this Magento SEO extension 2020 are:

  • Product filtering to assist buyers
  • Speed up product filtering with AJAX
  • Adjust store menu and product filters display
  • Employ sliders and widgets for numeric properties
  • Form SEO-friendly URLs and custom brand pages

8. Improved Configurable Products for Magento 2

By using this add-on, you can control the capability of product configurations for your online store. This extension makes the process of shopping easy by proposing a product with a preselected accumulation of advantages and reduces the total steps needed to add products to the shopping cart.

Its strength of formulating an extensive range of combinations of items with the automated and primary content is its other major functionality. This generates more useful indexing for search engines, hence increases SEO benefits.

9. Defer JavaScript for Magento 2

It automates JavaScript loading to promote the presence of an e-commerce web store. It decreases loading time and enhances customer engagement to boost sales.

Your site must load swiftly and speedily because the delay of a second in loading may provoke your buyers to leave the site.

10. Image Optimizer for Magento 2

You can perform image optimization for your e-commerce website built on Magento 2 to decrease website load time. Moreover, Turn you can transform a monotonous photo gallery into a striking presentation. 

Some of the major functionalities offered by this Magento SEO extension are as below:

  • Modifiable image compression level
  • Reduce file size with image optimization
  • CDN compatibility
  • Automated backup
  • And more

Wrapping UP

These are the top Magento SEO plug-ins, which will not only help to make your web store SEO friendly and user friendly, but will also help you boost ranks and yield multiple SEO benefits. If you are using SEO services or have a digital marketing team, these extensions will make their job easier. These Magento extensions are easy to use, so after Magento development, your SEO team can also operate them and you do not need to occupy developers for that. 

Magento development, indeed, not only helps to build the best e-commerce web store, but it also provides an all-inclusive digital business tool. We can help you build the best e-commerce website. Drop us a line to initiate the discussion.

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