B2B E-commerce Guidelines to Resolve Top Challenges during COVID-19 Pandemic

B2B E-commerce Guidelines to Resolve Top Challenges during COVID-19 Pandemic

Coronavirus outbreak is affecting all industry verticals and the B2B eCommerce business is not an exception. We, being a leading e-commerce solution development company, cater to multiple B2B businesses with our ecommerce web and software solutions. Based on the collective experience of our customers and our experts, we are going to share the top tips that you can follow during this Pandemic. Whether you have lockdown in your region or not you can follow these guidelines to thrive success during COVID 19 pandemic.

The Coronavirus outbreak resulted in misbalance in orders, disrupted supply chain, unpredictable customer behavior, and shutting down physical offices and warehouses of businesses. As the pandemic is evolving, it is unquestionably affecting the B2B market, in particular, e-commerce businesses are facing a notable collision.

In this article, our e-commerce solution development experts describe how COVID-19 impacts the B2B e-commerce industry. You will learn about the major roadblocks faced by this industry. Also, our e-commerce specialists explain how one can overcome these roadblocks. 

Migrate your buyers online

To increase social distancing at the possible extent throughout this COVID-19 pandemic and guarantee business continuity, this is the right time to motivate your clients to buy online. If you do not have an online store, this is the time to invest in the best eCommerce web development services and move your clients to an online store. For example, Magento development can be prompt and affordable to get your B2B store. If you already have an online store, ask your all customers to place orders via that portal. You can also create their accounts and send them their credentials. 

Assist your customers to be comfortable with online shopping

Set up a virtual call center using a virtual call center software to put agents that can help your customers get started. The agents can also help with multiple other steps such as:

  • Help customers with a walk-through of the store
  • Help them with the orders
  • Help them with online payments and assuring it is safe

Satisfy all requirements of customers

As more customers adapt to e-commerce due to this pandemic, it’s not sufficient merely to have an online store. You additionally require assuring your web store satisfies the requirements of B2B buyers. This suggests a reliable, handy, secure, and comprehensive online store and one that induces buyers to buy with you instead of switching to competitors.

Aid clients who are encountering a financial crisis

Extending invoice payment dates is an easy way to support this kind of customer. Give some relaxation with the payment yet do not stop giving good and reliable services to them.

Delight existing customers

During the Coronavirus outbreak, many businesses are taking extra care of their clients by giving added assistance. For example, banks are eliminating delay charges or postponing payment dates, VoIP development companies giving free support services, etc. Yourself too can place actions in place to encourage your customers and their associations, so they can be your partner.

Some of the important tips in this regard:

  • Give priority to existing customers over new leads when dealing with limited stock.
  • Give some added benefits or discounts to the clients in highly-affected areas 

Market relevant products more

If you have already invested in Magento development for your B2B store, you must have added some featured sections to highlight some products. Use that section to highlight those products which are relevant to the COVID 19 Pandemic and can be helpful to your existing and new customers.

Keep your buyers updated at each moment about the changes or steps you are taking. You can use a call center solution here to run a campaign to keep customers informed. 

Put in safety measures to protect your employees and customers

While building an eCommerce portal with Magento development can help you guard your clients and team by diminishing physical interactions, this is not the whole truth. Ultimately, you frequently still require operating a logistics hub and physically deliver your products.

To keep everyone safe, follow the below-mentioned tips:

  • Maintain social distancing
  • Ask your team to wash their hands frequently
  • Enforce the use of sanitizer in the team
  • Do not let anyone sick coming to work
  • Use sanitization processes

Deal with demand and supply chain disruptions

The COVID-19 disorder is commencing to surge in demand for specific products, while also disturbing your supply chains with transport constraints and business closings. This is the time to take calculative steps to deal with this challenge. 

  • Optimize the performance of an online store to deal with spikes in traffic:
  • You must have the right web host to support the increased traffic.
  • Use load balancing to make sure in any case your web store is up and running
  • Certain web page element loading can be delayed with lazy loading
  • Show real-time stock and costing
  • Let buyers trace their shipments
  • Be transparent and honest about the expected delivery time

Streamline your returns process

Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, you are anticipated to undergo variations and inconstancies for certain products. You might also notice that clients who are experiencing financial crises. This ambiguity possibly results in a spike in returns.

Put in an action plan to keep the returns process stress-free for your consumers. If feasible, let them to approve returns via the online store and to trace the growth themselves. This will not only be further beneficial for your buyers, but it will also stop any floods in calls and emails for your customer care teams.

B2B e-commerce market is huge and due to the increasing threat of COVID 19, there are many challenges this industry is facing. Taking measurable steps and being strategic can help you win the game.  Thinking to build an online store for your B2B business? Want to set up a call center software for customer care and collection? Get in touch.

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