Automatic Call Distribution (ACD): A Gem Feature of Modern Call Center Solutions

Advanced Call Distribution Complete Guide

Modern call center solutions are feature-packed, which empower businesses to automate operations and use resources more efficiently. In the modern era, the most advanced, feature-packed, and unparalleled solution is the smart call center software. As it has all excellent features, it is also an expensive solution built for large-scale enterprises and seasoned call centers.

Nowadays, almost all businesses use a call center solution to meet customers’ expectations and overcome the strengths of competitors. Not all businesses can afford to buy smart call center software. To meet the requirements of the small and medium businesses, VoIP companies like AC InfoSoft have invented modern call center solutions, which offer several advanced features. One of the advanced features available in these modern solutions is an Advanced Call Distributor (ACD). It is also known as automatic call routing. 

What is ACD?

An advanced call distribution feature available in the modern call center solutions. It attends each incoming call to greet the caller. It either resolve the question of the caller or and connects to an appropriate agent as per the logic configured in that software. It automates the call responding task and lets callers feel they are attended immediately.

In the ACD feature, multiple call routing rules can be incorporated, out of which, each rule would present distinctive features to route a call to the best agent. This feature is beneficial to businesses and call centers handling a large volume of incoming calls. The primary goal of this call center software feature is to route incoming calls to the agents with appropriate expertise.

Some Major Types of Automatic Call Distribution Rules:

  • Planned distribution: The call center plans how calls need to be routed to the agents.
  • Idle-agent distribution: It recognizes the agent who has handled a few calls and routes call to that agent. This feature ensures the highest productivity of all agents.
  • Round-robin routing: The calls get distributed regularly to all agents in the round-robin sequence.
  • Skill-based call distribution – Each agent in the group gets an assigned number based on the number of skills he possesses. All calls get routed to agents as to the designated number in order to route the call to the most skilled agent. 

Key Advantages of ACD:

Sleek Call Distribution

ACD helps in enhancing the productivity and performance of the agents. It reduces the average call handling time. It assembles the data from customers and distributes the call respectively to the agent. There is no human intervention to connect the caller to the right agent.

Facilitates Prompt Response

This feature available in the modern call center solutions expedites a prompt reply to incoming calls by first attending and then routing to the best agent. It improves call control and calls acknowledgment time, enhancing customer satisfaction. If call volume is huge, callers can take advantage of the callback feature rather than lingering in the call queue. Priority callers are spontaneously connected to the most skilled agents or the same agent, customer talks to every time without any delay.

Optimal Use of Resources

As an outcome of the dynamic call distribution, agents can apply their specialization in fixing the queries of callers. ACD collects routine data such as the cumulative number of calls; time used per call, etc. All this information can be utilized for creating reports. These reports allow administrators to evaluate KPIs and the optimize strategies to use resources optimally.

Increases Agent Performance

With the help of this feature, agents can handle calls more efficiently. This feature of modern call center software advances their proficiency in serving customers and boosts their productivity. Moreover, they can see the caller’s information before attending the call. This assists to extend significant communication that leads to customer happiness and commitment to the brand.

Streamlines Business Processes  

Call center integration integrated a CRM system to the call center software to assist agents in having a more meaningful talk with the callers by recognizing their requirements completely. The agent connected to the caller can see all the past interactions of the caller on a single call center dialer window. This favors simplified operations and business processes by reducing the needs of call transferring or call parking. 

Expenditure Shrinkages 

A quick response to a call by distributing it to the most appropriate agent improves the probabilities of first call resolution (FCR). Furthermore, a customer can receive a resolution of the concern without any long call hold or multiple call transfers. This will minimize the resources required to handle a call. Therefore, lessen the costs of any business uses any modern call center software.


ACD feature generally operates by distributing or calls by employing a particular call routing algorithm configured in the call center software and selected by the business using it. The policy is defined depending on various things such as:

  • Call traffic
  • Call origination
  • Time of the day
  • Skilled need to resolve the query
  • Existing customer or a new caller
  • And more 

The ACD is just a piece of the cake. Modern call center solutions are packed with a wide array of advanced features, which help in catering to customers and improve the performance of employees as well as the business itself. Employing one of the modern call center solutions for your business would be the right move to win customers’ hearts over competitors.

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