Magento 1 Users: Are You Ready for the Future?

Magento 1 end of life - what to do next?

In the e-commerce industry, Magento is the known platform to build eCommerce solutions and online stores. Still, thousands of e-commerce merchants are running their online stores on Magento 1. If you are one of the eCommerce business owners using the Magento 1 based online store, you have to read this blog post. 

If you have already finished Magento 2 migration, then you can skip reading this blog post or wait! You can still read to know:

  1. Why your decision is a smart move? and 
  2. What else you could have done?

In this blog post, we will cover breaking news about Magento 1, which is old enough that everyone knows, but still if you have missed it due to a busy schedule. Moreover, we will share some useful tips, facts, and plans you can adopt to make your business more flourishing.

Breaking News: Magento 1 Coming to an End

Don’t stress. Magento is not going to end, just Magento 1. 

Magento has confirmed the end of support for Magento 1 after June 2020. 

What does this mean? 

Will all e-commerce websites running on Magento 1 suddenly end working? 

Not at all!

Some eCommerce development companies are scaring the hell out of e-commerce owners pay for Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration by giving them the threat that Magento stores will not work after June 2020. However, no need to stress out. 

June 2020 is already over and we have passed 9 days of July as well. I am sure your store built on Magento 1 is still working as efficiently as it was earlier. 

Then, what does the announcement made by Magento of Magento 1 supports ends on June 2020 mean? 

Here is the answer:

In the past, all new Magento version releases introduced several fixes, particularly, for major releases, along with the new features and functionalities launch. Now onwards, as the deadline is over, all enhancements and fixes for Magento 1 are over.

In Simpler word, Magento 1 users will not get:

  • Feature enhancements and new features
  • Bug fixes 
  • Security patches 

So, what is the issue?

You might be a happy user of Magento 1 and do not want to invest in Magento 2 migration or do not want to take any additional steps. If you are thinking to settle down with Magento 1 store, let’s take a look at the major challenges you may face hereafter.

Major challenges to Magento 1 user:

  • Magento 1 is a good platform, but Magento 2 is a better platform. With Magento 1, you will need to settle with good over better.
  • Magento 1 has some security issues, which will be there and you need to deal with it.
  • You will not get any feature enhancements, which means not getting competitive features and getting stuck in a stable position.

Major challenges to Magento 2 users:

Magento 2 is a genuinely great e-commerce development platform. It is stable and mature as well as offers advanced features. Moreover, with the acquisition of Adobe, various novel opportunities are developing.

The major challenge to Magento development teams is complexity. Magento 2 is somewhat complex compared to the earlier version and thus, mastering it is somewhat tough even for experienced programmers. 

This does not create a usability issue for you as a merchant. By hiring a Magento development expert, you will get easy to use interface to manage your eStore. The concern is the cost.

As it is complex, only some Magento development companies have mastered it. Thus, Magento 2 migration as well as Magento 2 development is expensive.

Furthermore, there are multiple eCommerce solution development platforms available in the market. Thus, instead of following the herd, you must explore options. 

I am not going to delve deeper into the alternatives of using an open source version of an enterprise version of Magento 2 as there are plenty of blog posts and articles distributed by top Magento development companies. I will cover even more useful topic, what are the choices Magento 1 store owners have.

Viable Choices Available to Magento 1 Store Owners:

There are several choices you have to choose from. However, being one of the leading Magento development companies, based on our experience, we have explained the top 4 most viable choices for you:

1. Migrate to Magento 2

It is the most straightforward and viable option adopted by many Magento store merchants.

All you do is, migrate your online store to Magento 2 from Magento 1 if you have the required expertise.

If you do not know Magento 2 development, you can contract a reliable Magento 2 development company that has expertise in Magento 2.

You need to consider one thing. Magento 2 is complex than Magento 1 in terms of technical aspects. Also, it is yet new for many Magento developers. Thus, there are not as many Magento 2 development experts available in the market as Magento 1 development specialists. Furthermore, it is more complex and requires efforts. Thus, you will need to invest more than you would in Magento 1 development.

Of course, this investment is worth as you get access to unparalleled features and functionalities. Thus, you need to decide whether you want to invest in it or not.

If you choose this option, we can help you as we have a team of Magento 2 development experts. Contact us to discuss more.

2. Adopt another eCommerce development platform

It is also a good option. If you were unhappy with Magento itself or always wanted to switch to any other platform, then this is the right time.

One option is that you can use SaaS model-based platforms such as Shopify, BigCommerce, etc., which let you use e-commerce features with some plug and play functionalities. You will need to pay a monthly fee to the platform which is unlike to Magento platform.

Another option is, use another platform and build your e-commerce store with Prestashop development or WooCommerce customization can be a useful option. 

According to the requirements of having a simple or complex store, you can choose the platform or SaaS solution to run your e-commerce business.

If you find this option suitable, contact us as we specialize in e-commerce development in all different technologies.

3. Use Magento 1 with the help of your development company

Magento 1 in itself is a strong platform and there are many Magento development companies worldwide that have mastered the art of eCommerce web development in Magento.

Yes, Magento 1 has some loopholes, but these best Magento development companies can help you move ahead without hiccups. They can develop new extensions, fix all bugs, and also build security patches exclusively available to you. Of course, with an added cost of Magento development.

If you are thinking to choose this option, we can help you. Contact us. 🙂

4. Relax and Run a business

We all know, there are thousands of merchants or maybe more who once invested in Magento store development and that’s it! They never invested in technology thereafter. They even never upgraded to the latest version of Magento 1.

This type of merchants believes in the philosophy of letting the fire spread and then we will take care of it. 

In this case, you need to do nothing at all. Let your business run the way it has been running for ages until something goes wrong.

If you belong to this category, I would say think again. Is that for you had invested in technology in the first place?

If you are still thinking to go with this option, only your luck can help you. We wish you all the best! 🙂

Still, Confused?

If you are still confused about the options you have and cannot select the one, then worry not! 

We have helped many businesses with our expertise in Magento and e-commerce technologies. We can help you with our free consultation to choose the right option. 

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