What Is a Call Center Solution?

It is a software, which lets call centers communicate with customers and other contacts. As time and technology advanced, businesses also started using call center software to manage their business communication.

Traditionally, call center solutions were furnished with simple voice aka phone calls. However, with progress in time and technology, now, this software supports all unified communication channels.

How a call center solution differs from a traditional business phone system?

A call center solution lets handle calls similar to a traditional business phone system, then why would someone buy that?

What are the differences between both of these business communication solutions?

There are many differences, let’s check major ones:

1. Features

Yes, both business communication systems let calls happen between customers and business representatives. However, there is a huge difference in the way, calls are handled:

  • A call center solution offers advanced features to enhance customer experience such as:
    • IVR prompts
    • Music on hold
    • Callback option
    • Soundboard Avatars
    • And more
  • A call center solution improves results and goal conversion by connecting a caller to the most skilled agent. This helps in resolving concerns within one call, known as First Call Resolution (FCR).
  • All calls are logged with detailed information to allow businesses to gauge productivity. For example, all this information will be available in reports:
    • Call type (Inbound/Outbound)
    • Call duration
    • Call wrap up message
    • Call status
    • And more
  • A call center offers managerial features to let managers ensure a higher quality of service (QoS) such as:
    • Barge-in
    • Whisper
    • Live statistics
    • Call recording
    • Keyword spotting in call recording
    • And more
  • Call center solutions save a lot of time in outbound calling. A single solution comes with multiple auto dialers such as:
    • Predictive dialer
    • Preview dialer
    • Power dialer
    • Progressive dialer
    • And more
  • Auto dialers increase results and goal conversation as well. They offer more features than just dialing multiple numbers.
  • A call center solution lets multiple agents work in parallel. It means 5 to 500 and even more agents can work in parallel using this software.
  • Solutions can be added to this software to enhance customer engagement and experience. For example, call center CRM integration integrates a CRM solution within the call center software. Agents can see customer information fetched from the CRM to personalize the conversation. Many other third-party solutions can be added to this software.

All these features and characteristics are not available in a traditional business phone system. It is only available in the call center software, which makes it the first choice of organizations, which prefer growing fast.

2. Expenses

  • Call center solutions use SIP lines for calling. Cost per call is way cheaper with SIP calling than a traditional business phone system. Even international calls can be carried out with cheaper calling expenses.
  • Call center solution is a software. Therefore, the cost of installation and maintenance would be cheaper than the traditional system.

3. Direct cost of acquisition

  • A call center solution is often considered an expensive solution. The returns are quite high, which causes a spike in the popularity of this software. But, yes the license cost of a call center solution would be higher than getting one phone line. However, you need to pay the license cost only once, unlike the traditional phone system, which needs you to pay monthly usage fees.
  • A hosted call center solution is also available, which follows a similar monthly rental model.

These are major differences between call center solution and traditional business phone for lead and customer communication.

Make a decision to improve business brand and profits

A call center solution can help you establish a brand, which everyone loves to connect with. It also helps in increasing profits by improving overall performance.

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