Why Migrating to Magento 2 Is Advantageous?

Magento 2 Migration Advantages

 In November 2015, Magento 2 was launched. After five years of its release, Magento has announced that it will not support Magento 1 after the end of the June 2020. 

Since November 2018, no new features or functionalities are added for Magento 1 version. 

It means using Magento 1 based eCommerce website is no more an option. Still, many people are not yet thinking to migrate to Magento 2.


Well, one of the dominant obstacles for a majority of the eCommerce website owners is the huge difference between both versions of Magento. Just upgrading the version from Magento 1 to Magento 2 is not enough. If the online store owner has made any customization on the Magento store will be lost and needs to be done again after migration to Magento 2 platform. Thus, one needs a Magento development company that is proficient with Magento 2 and also in performing a migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

Even if there are many challenges in the Magento migration, people are migrating to Magento 2 because Magento 2 has a plethora of advantages that could produce a notable distinction in the long term.

Extremely Adaptable Structure:

These are produced by a broad spectrum of foundation shifts: a modern library, structured framework, greater security, more reliable module management, an automated and integrated testing framework, and application of more modern technologies such as HTML5, CSS3.

More high-grade scalability is generated by the division of databases for catalogs, orders, and checkout as well as additional optimizations that mean catalog capacities and overall capacity of online stores is enhanced.

Magento 2 offers modern architecture that uses a novel dimension of adaptability. A classic blend of component-oriented architecture within high code coupling combined enables Magento development experts to connect with an array of distinct elements such as:

  • CMS
  • Catalog
  • Sales 
  • Checkout
  • Customers
  • And more

It implies developers are open to enable/disable the elements according to the changing needs, having the codebase tidy and de-tangled!

Most of the Magento 1.x programmers may get puzzled with the structure of Magento 2.x code when they see it for the first time. However, as they start exploring Magento 2 and its structure, they realize that Magento 2 development, in reality, is much simpler and structured than the Magento 1 version.

A majority of Magento 1 controlling files is reconstructed in a distinguished manner.

In all distinct Magento 2 versions, everything is migrated under the “app” file, without for config.xml where developers require registering a particular module. Furthermore, layouts and CSS or JS files are arranged under the file of a specific module. Thus, in Magento 2, there is just one code pool for each core and custom module.

Utilizing the improved APIs, Magento 2 makes the integration process simpler. In a single call, an integrated external system passes the associated data objects (customer, order, etc.).


Magento 2 utilizes its own CSS and LESS instead of Bootstrap in the theme core.

 It owns the publisher to discover and publish CSS collectively with different view static files located under the pub/ directory.

 The publisher further advances the pre-processing of files that are being published by applying certain pre-processors.

The major benefits of Magento 2 are employing LESS encourages developers to customize themes easily and quickly.

CSS URL resolver and LESS pre-processor aid to improve performance quickly load the page and make the eCommerce web store, even more, search engine friendly to gain SEO benefits.

Impressive Design Enhancements:

The visual charm of the latest Admin Panel is paramount – it is presently “touch-friendly”. Product development and management are way simpler; table views can be created and modified, plus, stored.

The management menu of categories and products is extremely flexible and the access authorities can be modified.

Appending new items to the solution like categories and products as well as promotional content is faster and simpler.

Magento 2 provides a blank theme without particular changes, which lets Magento development experts begin theme development with new features and personalization easier.

The Magento 2 provides a unique default theme, named “Luma”. It is indeed an appealing theme that holds certain important variations in comparison with the earlier version – the Madison Island theme.

The new theme incorporates:

  • Typography
  • Tiles structure
  • Completely responsive images 
  • Excellent performance.

Improved Performance

Performance is enhanced by the installation of a discrete database for:

  • Extended browser rendering
  • Order processing
  • Static content caching
  • Decreased volumes of code
  • Greater image compression

Magento 2 is presently offering many enhanced features to offer improved performance and scalability.

Some of the enhanced and improved performance features are briefed below:

Better Indexers:

Indexing is the process Magento solution reconstructs retailer data, similar to users, catalog data, stores, prices, etc. by building index tables and having them modernized to increase the query acceleration and enhance the performance of e-commerce websites and stores.

The brand-new default indexers cover all of the features as in the former enterprise versions of Magento.

The variation is that they appear with further useful updates and have increased to advance up the performance of the query.

Magento Performance Toolkit:

For system performance verification and optimization, Magento developers can produce test environments and examine code modifications by using an innovative array of performance test scripts of Magento 2.


To further support lessening server load and increase speed to load the page, innovative feature integrated into Varnish Cache, which is the principal technology for HTTP accelerator and accountable for standard requests of caching.

Full-page caching: 

This indicates the static page content is cached, hence, boosting performance and remarkably decreasing the server load.

Multiple admin users: 

Magento 2 supports creating multiple admin users to create, edit, and manage products within a single e-commerce store without any fear of data conflicts.

Better Checkout Process:

Magento 2 has an impressively optimized checkout process for online stores.

The checkout process with Magento 2 holds lesser clicks and pages. Checkout process enhancement specifically focuses on benefiting buyers.

There are also some amazing features such as single-click profile creation, checkout without registration, etc.

Magento 2 not just makes the complete checkout process straightforward and fast, but it also presents a way to the buyer that they prefer a hassle-free checkout process.

The checkout is completely zip code friendly and buyers who reside in areas with multiple zip codes, then it can be fixed simply unlike in the Magento 1.

For eve transparent checkout process, the shipping charges are displayed immediately once the mandatory fields are filled; there is no requirement for providing billing address except the customer is ready to pay in the checkout process.

To make it more transparent in both ways, the customer will need to verify the email address and the remaining actions will be swiftly carried out. 

One more prominent advancement in the checkout process is the automated and quick shipping charge estimation without loading multiple JavaScript.

Lessened efforts in installation and upgrade:

Magento 2 includes information about versioning policies and the adaptability of upgrades with the existing versions. This enables Magento development experts to forecast future developments and advances so they can be considered during eCommerce development.

It further incorporates a standalone installer that encourages quick and intelligent installations with introductory analyses of the installation conditions.

Magento 2 is further considerably accustomed to installations of extensions and procedures related to upgrading. These characteristics make it a perfect and ideal eCommerce platform. We, AC InfoSoft, hold specialization in Magento 2. We can provide Magento 2 development to build an e-commerce solution from scratch. Also, we can assist you with excellent Magento 2 migration services.

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