Tips to Define Successful Omnichannel Strategy

Nowadays, several businesses have already adopted an omnichannel communication approach and more businesses are all set to adopt it. One can use multiple communication tools or a single solution that supports all multiple communication modes to use omnichannel communication in the business. One of the widely used omnichannel communication tools is the omnichannel call center software.

To enhance customer satisfaction and to gain more customers, it is essential to identify in advance to correctly use the omnichannel call center solution or other tools to maximize the returns. 

To determine the omnichannel strategy one needs to define everything such as:

  • Primary channel for communication
  • Responsible person for managing unified communication
  • Reporting ways to ensure accuracy and usefulness
  • And more

In this blog post, being one of the leading omnichannel call center solutions providers, we will share tips and guide to define an omnichannel business strategy and optimize it for your business, which can belong to any industry and can be of any size.

Knowing the use and aim of each communication channel:

Will several clients send a WhatsApp message? 

Are consumers open to selling messages on your Twitter or other social platforms? 

Perceiving the reactions to the before-mentioned and similar questions will aid you to determine the use of each communication channel you have in the call center software supporting unified communication. 

For instance, high call volumes indicate that it has become crucial to fulfilling the needs of clients quicker using different and inexpensive communication channels like WhatsApp, live chat, SMS, Facebook, Email, Twitter, etc.

Another example is if consumers are more actively replying or raising concerns on social media platforms, then more focus and resources should be on those communication channels.

Customers need to be aware of unified communication support

If you possess an omnichannel call center solution to deliver the marvelous customer service via various modes of communication, then your clients must have this knowledge. Manage your marketing and other campaigns to relay information about any changes in the business processes, including communication modes, at all events so that your clients know the correct ways to approach you when they seek a resolution.

For instance, your website or IVR should clearly show working hours and ways to reach support people.

Omnichannel should be interconnected

It is all about an omnichannel experience when consumers have the facility to use preferred communication channels and as we know preferences can change. Analyze the approach of handling a client that switched from one channel of communication to another. 

Will the corresponding customer care representative manage the customer? 

Ought the client to recite the issue? 

Create an easy practice that enables the client to switch modes of communication without wasting time and energy of repeating the same thing. An omnichannel call center solution will have all vital information about the client and how he can be connected to the same or a more skilled agent without the necessity of repeating the issue. To make this process even more flawless, you can invest in call center CRM integration because a CRM system is excellent for storing all information for each customer, including the past interaction. This centralized information gets shown to the client during a live conversation within the call center software to update customer care executives in real-time to handle the call in a better and satisfactory manner.

Agent training to boost the performance

Each communication channel possesses its own individual qualities, so executives need to be able to comprehend that. Moreover, if you are using any of the call center solutions offering unified communication, the agents need to learn the accurate use of software as well.

For instance, WhatsApp and Twitter would need outstanding written communication without any typos or grammatical errors. On the other hand, the audio calling requires skills to emotionally connect with callers using a warm, friendly tone. Agents need to be training by the experts to operate all channels efficiently and furthermore permit them to invest more time in the modes of communication they perform better.

KPI monitoring and optimizing strategy is an ongoing process

To recognize whether your omnichannel strategy is running as per the expectation or struggling somewhere, you or your managers need to analyze data. 

Your analysis needs to answer the following questions:

Does the issue get resolved within the first call?

Are your customers satisfied with the way they are handled?

To direct analysis in the right direction, define KPIs (key performance indicators) and regularly monitor them.

Along with the KPI analysis, keep eyes on the call transcript and written chat records to discover which terms repeat. These terms, also called keywords, will unveil regular consumer emotions and empower you to upgrade your business processes and service model to meet the needs of consumers.

According to a survey, 90% of clients demand harmonious communications across all communication channels.

To meet this need, the business should adopt omnichannel communication and optimize its strategy to stay ahead of the competition and enjoy the top position and its privileges.

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