What Is Call Center CRM Integration?

Call center solutions are widely in use, but do you know only call center software might not be enough to meet the needs of your customers?

Here are three important stats related to the call center industry, which you must know:

  • 40-50% of agent productivity loss occurs because of the lack of an integrated call center solution.
  • Cost per handing customer concern costs double without an integrated solution.
  • 47% of customers switch to the competitors as they think agents do not have enough information at hand to offer good customer services.

These numbers give a clear picture of losing business by the companies using any of the call center solutions if the software does not have an integrated CRM solution.

What is the role of a CRM solution in customer care or handling sales calls?

Everybody knows the role of the call center software to handle the calls in the customer care center or sales and business development department. However, what is the role of a CRM solution might not be known to everyone. This is the reason that not all call centers and businesses using a call center solution use an integrated solution.

Role of CRM in customer and sales call management:

  • Knowing about the customer during a live call help agents to give personalized information and greetings.
  • Customizing the customer journey based on the history of engagement.
  • Offering behavior-based solutions and services.

A CRM solution stores all information related to the customer during the different stages of the customer lifecycle. Knowing this information and having access to this information during a live call can benefit agents to handle calls more precisely, confidently, and in a personalized manner.

What is call center CRM integration?

It is a process of integrating a CRM solution into the call center software.

Sounds simple?

It is indeed simple. A VoIP company will integrate call center and CRM solutions. This integrated solution works in harmony and lets agents overcome all the roadblocks.

To know more details, visit this page of call center CRM integration.

Key features of call center CRM integration:

There are multiple features available after the integration. We will cover the major features for a better understanding of this integrated solution:

CRM Popup

  • If the call center solution is a majorly used solution in your organization, then the VoIP expert will integrate the CRM solution into the call center software.
  • This will show a CRM popup during a live call in the call center software. This CRM popup will have information about the person on the live call. This information will be fetched from the CRM.
  • The agent can have all information about the customer or prospect to provide more personalized, precise, and accurate responses.

Call Center Widget with click2call feature:

  • If a company uses a CRM solution more than the CRM solution, then the VoIP experts integrate a call center dialer into the CRM solution.
  • This integrated solution shows the click-to-call button to the agents. They can click on it to connect a call with a respective lead.
  • The call center widget will show all call controls to agents to handle the calls without leaving the CRM screen.

Common features:

  • Auto Update: If during a live call, an agent creates a new record or makes any changes in the customer record, then it gets saved in both systems.
  • Data Push: If agents import contacts or create a list in any of the software, then it can be pushed to another system with a single click. This will save the same contacts and lists in both, CRM and call center solutions.
  • Change-logs: Changes in any record of any software will be logged with details. An admin can see who makes, which changes, and when.
  • Integrated solution: Agents can use an integrated solution. They do not need to switch back and forth or maintain records in both systems.

Which CRM systems can be integrated into the call center software?

Any CRM solution can be integrated into any call center solution. Some of the common CRM solutions used to get integrated into the call center solutions are:

  • Zoho
  • vTiger
  • SugarCRM
  • SuiteCRM
  • Salesforce

We, AC InfoSoft, have benefited hundreds of customers with our call center CRM integration services.

Let’s have a call in which we will show you the walkthrough of the integrated software and give some use cases related to your industry.

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