Why BPO Companies Must Adopt Multichannel Customer Support Center?

Clients prefer to get all the focus on them and feeling valued. They like to get quickly attended by someone and warmly welcomed. Furthermore, an ongoing conversation needs to be precise and the way they prefer. With the changing time, trends related to customer services are also changing. Some of the latest trends in this sector are:

  • Personalization 
  • Convenient mode of communication
  • Quick response

Industries like BPO need to be on the list of trendsetting companies by adopting the latest tools and trends to delight clients by meeting their expectations.

Studying the desires and expectations of customers and executing plans to satisfy their demands empowers relationships with clients. The BPO companies specifically focusing on customer services need to be following these expectations of customers.

To meet the needs of customers, companies outsourcing business processes to BPOs. This not only increases opportunities, but it also increases the responsibilities. 

BPOs can set up a multichannel customer support center by adopting a multi-channel or omnichannel call center solution.

Difference between multichannel and omnichannel call center solution

An omnichannel call center solution consists of all communication channels into the call center software. 

Communication channels are:

  • Voice calling
  • Video call
  • Live chat
  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • WhatsApp
  • SMS
  • Email
  • Fax

A multitenant call center solution consists of major communication channels into the call center software instead of having all channels.

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What is multichannel customer support center?

Nowadays, customers demand to take benefit of multi-communication rather than a single traditional communication channel, i.e., phone calls.

Multichannel customer support centers are the call centers that leverage multiple communication channels such as WhatsApp, SMS, live chat, etc. Therefore, diverse channels of communication work at once to provide customer support. Using different tools to manage customer support would get difficult for BPOs. Using multichannel call center software can benefit BPOs by providing centralized access to all the required communication channels.

By using this software, BPO can set up a multichannel customer support center and leverage multiple benefits.

Major advantages of multichannel customer support centers:

Centralized management

Multichannel customer support centers employ varied means to communicate. By employing a multichannel call center solution, all interactions will be stored with insightful information in the reports of the software.

For instance, if the client uses multiple communication channels to interact with the customer support center, then also interaction logs will be stored in the software 

BPO centers can adequately assist clients by setting up this kind of support center. All interaction data will be made accessible easily. A singular customer interaction view enables BPO employees to deliver a personalized experience and helps in delivering an augmented customer experience with a better perception of preference of the clients.

Establish a stronger customer relationship

Weak customer engagement hurts the brand image of the company and BPO that is handling customer support management of that company. By setting up a multichannel customer support center, you can attain higher customer engagement.

For this goal, BPOs require to revise ways of communication by employing a multichannel call center solution. The engagement rate increases when customer calls are attended round the clock. IVR and callback features of the call center software can aid here as well. Multichannel customer support manages this duty and serves to establish stronger customer relationships.

Better customer assistance and support

Multichannel customer support centers handled by the well-established BPOs know the demands of clients. Therefore, they employ a skilled team and the best software, which aid in engaging prospects in the conversation. This can be a prominent help in improving marketing services and business performance.

Furthermore, this way of running a business process outsourcing company with an in-house multichannel customer support center can be beneficial. A multichannel call center solution can be empowered further with call center CRM integrationThis integrated solution allows agents to see the past interactions of the customers. The reports show the customer record with past interactions. This information helps agents to delight customers by resolving their doubts and offering personalized conversations.

Superior customer care

When clients have comfortable access to a support center, they tend to be faithful to that business brand. The multichannel customer support of BPO can resolve concerns quickly and effortlessly.

Bewildered clients depend on active support. Employing multichannel call center software lets businesses implement prompt service via each spring.

Customer demands have grown to a striking level. Therefore, BPO companies delivering customer support services need to embrace the most advanced tools such as multichannel or omnichannel call center software.  

All call center solutions offered by our company are multichannel call center software.

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