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A virtual call center is a call center that is set up in a virtual environment. It is also known as a remote call center. In such call centers, agents work remote locations such as from their respective homes, workplaces, or any other space. The virtual call centers can run the same types of campaigns as an on-premises call center for customer support, sales, collection, etc.

Rather than going to an in-house call center to work, remote agents serve clients and prospects from a diverse location, or indeed from their houses. Virtual call center software empowers call center teams to operate from separated places while pursuing a teamwork model and working with efficiency and competence.

Virtual call centers generally use VoIP-based call center software because they are not structured at an on-premises call center. This call center software, normally, is hosted on the cloud. The virtual call center software enables remote agents to access all features of the software and be productive from remote locations. All they need is a working laptop/computer and a reliable internet connection.

Compared to traditional call center solutionsa cloud call center creates quite diverse work settings with added business benefits for its users which can be call centers, BPOs, KPOs, customer care centers, helpdesks, etc.

Virtual call center software is extremely popular and adopted by companies around diversified industries because of its more significant benefits:

Hire Most Talented Agents

A virtual call center enables businesses to recruit agents from anywhere in the world. This significantly extends possible recruitment reach, empower call centers to pick the most skilled agents from anywhere in the world.

A call center with a team that can stay online during different time zones further considerably empowers the customer service model. The office hours of a call center can be extended or it can serve round the clock.

The Most Inexpensive Alternative for Call Center

One of the major advantages and the most popular advantage of a virtual call center is its inexpensiveness. Even compared to the cost of outsourcing call center services, a virtual call center is inexpensive.

The major roadblock of starting an in-house call center is a capital investment which is quite high. One necessitates obtaining infrastructure which will be expensive upfront. Moreover, the value and efficiency of bought infrastructure will deteriorate over time. Moreover, buying IP phones, headsets, hosting servers, and IP PBX is just the initial expense. If you are operating a conventional call center, you need further accommodate your staff with other amenities such as desks, chairs, etc. If you are depending on outsourcing, the service expense will consider those costs.

Virtual call center software eradicates the requirement for nearly all hardware and furniture. Moreover, the expenses affiliated with in-house staff will be eliminated. This decreases expenses as well as gives the benefit of recruit and removes staff based on the season without hampering productivity or customer satisfaction.

Better Team Performance

According to the studies, work-related stress causes higher stress in people. Increased work-pressure is common in call centers. Thus, job rotation is quite common as well. Finding new agents, hiring, and training them is quite a headache for call centers. A virtual call center helps in eliminating many causes of stress. 

For example: if agents work remotely, so they do not necessitate to travel. This would remove quite a lot of stress of being late and many other repercussions related to that. 

In many more ways, a remote call center can eliminate stress levels so agents can work better with a boosted morale. This will not only improve their accuracy and performance, but will also enhance customer satisfaction.

Contribute to Green Planet

Call centers that are like to contribute to a green environment can choose to have a remote aka virtual call center. It eliminates commute and that is why also carbon footprint, plus, air pollution otherwise would occur for each employee commuting to the office. 

Virtual call center solutions get installed on the cloud. This further excludes hardware, dematerializes software, removes paper, and energy consumption. This will contribute to a better environment. 

Tips to Choose the Right Virtual Call Center Software

Now that you know the benefits of having a virtual call center, you might want to buy a virtual call center software that can help you 

  • Let your agents work remotely
  • Let your managers assure high productivity of agents
  • Let you improve ROI

There are many remote call center solutions available in the market. Thus, it is necessary to understand which one to choose. It is not necessary to go behind big names. There are some promising virtual call center solutions available in the market such as AC Virtual Call Center Software, which are making their mark in benefiting their users. Here are some practical tips that you must keep in mind while choosing a remote call center software

Quick to Start

Unlike installing an in-house call center, setting up a virtual call center is quite easy. You do not need to get servers, headphones, desks, etc. Installing a virtual call center is quite straightforward. In fact, the company which provides this software would do the installation, configuration, and deployment for you. 

All Features

Yes, virtual call center software is simple to set up and user-friendly, but it doesn’t mean it has confined functionality. The right virtual call center solution offers all features offered by the best call center solutions if not more.

Simple to use

Your remote call center software should be intuitive and support unified communication. Different features should be easy to comprehend and use. 

Easy monitoring

Cloud call center software should allow you to review different KPIs in real-time as well as with historic reports. The managers must have tools to keep eyes on the agents, identify patterns, and help agents to improve performance.

Greater Scalability

The need for workforce change with seasons in call centers. Having hardware that is in no use during the off-season in an on-premises call center is common. It also results in unnecessary expenses on maintenance. 

On the other hand, the virtual call center does not need to deal with such a situation. As per the season, the call centers can add and remote agents. To match this, the cloud call center software has to be scalable.  

Support Integrations

To provide a streamlined process, a remote call center software can let you integrate any third-party API or software. You can integrate all different tools and software such as CRM, Helpdesk, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Your agents will have a single powerful tool to serve your customers.

Excellent Uptime and security

As mentioned earlier, virtual call center software gets deployed on the cloud. The cloud platforms offer extraordinary failover and load-balancing, plus, disaster recovery to keep call centers safeguarded. The call center software provider will also make sure to keep sensitive information confidential.

All-inclusive package

Similar to traditional call center solution provider, a virtual call center provider must be capable of offering all-inclusive services. A reliable provider will offer all or selected services from the following list:

  • Installation 
  • Personalization
  • Integrations
  • Ongoing support

How to Setup a Growing Remote Call Center with a Remote Call Center Software?

Virtual call center software is also known as cloud call center software as it is hosted on the cloud. It offers abundant benefits to call centers. Although you have the best virtual call center solution, you have to be prepared to leverage its true power. Here are some tips to make the growth strategy that you can follow to improve your ROI and success.

Team Empowerment

Having a dispersed team and still getting great performance demands to have a skilled and responsible team. You must recruit experienced agents, and give them the required working environment so they can use their experience. A reliable virtual call center solution will simplify monitoring and communicating with the remote agents.

Active Management

Remote team management needs somewhat distinctive skills than in-house team management. A virtual call center software lets you closely coordinate with the team by reviewing performance with features like live Dashboards barge-in, etc; providing suggestions and help with features like whisper, call center CRM integration; and revamping processes to enhance performance and productivity. 

Stay Upgraded

Whether you think of your virtual call center solution or your team, this statement is true for both: stay upgraded. Do not keep anything outdated. Train your team based on the latest customer behavior trends. Get the most advanced version of the call center solution you use. For example, virtual smart call center software is making buzz.

Now, you have all the necessary information about a virtual call center and how to make it a successful business. We have helped businesses with our virtual call center solution, named, AC Virtual Call Center Software. We can help you have answers to your queries and an ideal software for your remote call center. Get in touch.

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