Many things can be difficult, but selecting the most prominent auto dialer for your business is not. We all know each call center software offers multiple auto dialers and thus, people use auto dialers randomly. Do not do that. In this blog post, you will know the auto dialer more closely and will also learn the top 4 tips to choose the right auto dialer that can help you improve your KPIs. 

What is an auto dialer?

An auto dialer fundamentally is a software application that dials telephone numbers automatically to save the time and effort for agents. It can be further developed to drop a recorded voice message or play the one to the one who receives a call. 

With technological advancement, auto dialer has also become more advanced and available as one of the features in the top call center solutionsMoreover, these auto dialers perform different jobs in addition to automated calling for agents. Thus, auto dialers are segmented into different categories:

  • Preview dialer
  • Progressive dialer
  • Predictive dialer 

What is a preview dialer?

A Preview dialer provides a facility to agents to choose whether they want to attend a call or not. It shows a “preview” of lead records and product information before dialing a number. In some cases, the preview dialer shows the customer preview after dialing a call. If the agent skips the call, it is transferred to another agent in the list. This assists to improve sales calls and guarantees agents are completely ready prior to engaging with prospects. This auto dialer is excellent for small call centers running telesales and telemarketing campaigns.

What is a progressive dialer?

It automatically places a call only if an agent is free to take the next call. Thus, when an agent is on a call, it halts placing calls until the agent finishes the call and shows availability. Progressive dialer facilitates more customer-centric communications between agents and clients.

What is a predictive dialer?

It predicts when an agent will be free after completing an ongoing call and how many numbers need to be dialed to connect to a real human. Based on the predictive value, the predictive dialer autonomously dials phone numbers concurrently and connects the agent to the customer/prospect that attended the call. It employs an algorithm that slows down and speeds up the dialing rate to decrease the call drop rate and boost agent talk time. It is an effective approach to reach all leads in the shortest time. The predictive dialer is perfect to run large-volume telemarketing campaigns, sales calls, political calls, etc.

How to Choose the Right Auto Dialer?

You know three major types of auto dialers available in call center solutions. In a single call center or company, for different campaigns, different auto dialers can be employed to receive extraordinary results. 

Learn the top tips to choose the right auto dialer for your campaign:

1. Team Size

You must select an auto dialer according to team strength. Choose a dialer according to the business size.

For example, if you have few agents, then a progressive dialer is a better option. Alternatively, if you have enough strength to handle massive call volume, a predictive dialer or preview dialer is better. 

2. Customer Base

To decide the most suitable auto dialer for your campaign, you must know your clients. 

Ask the following questions to know your clients:

  • Are all customers staying in a single country or across the globe?
  • Do you have a small or high-volume client database?

If you have a large customer database, a predictive dialer is the best choice. For a smaller database, a preview dialer can provide excellent conversions and sales.

3. Easy to Learn

You should select an auto dialer that can be easily learned by your team. You must be knowing the strength of your team and according to that, you should employ an auto dialer. 

For example, if your team does not have the skills to handle call volume passed by predictive dialer, it will increase the call drop rate. In this case, a preview or progressive dialer can be more effective.

 4. Requirements of the company

As explained earlier, different auto dialers offer different features along with automated telephone number dialing. Thus, you need to know what features will you need to make a campaign successful.

Furthermore, if you have staff with less experience, the preview dialer is excellent. On the other hand, staff with rich experience can deliver better results with a predictive dialer.


The selection of an auto dialer will heavily impact your KPIs and thus, it is necessary to choose the right auto dialer for a specific campaign. This blog post has given you the required information on major auto dialers and their fundamental employment during different scenarios. 

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